re: Catholic Institutions Need More Vince Lombardi’s

Mark, the documentary about St. Anthony’s, The Street Stops Here is powerful. And it underscores a point our culture can forget: Men are powerful influences on one another. Men are powerful influences on boys, giving them the example they need to be men, to know what a man is.

Relatedly: We need men — to be confident in their masculinity. (And we need women to be confident in the complementarity of the sexes.) That is not always made clear and obvious, to put it mildly. (And demographic and economic trends bear that out.)

The Manhattan Institute has done some important work on some of these issues. Sol Stern on Catholic schools. Kay Hymowitz on the caste system and manhood in America. I just interviewed Kay and reviewed her book for National Review‘s print edition, so it is on my mind. But as Mark points out, how can it not? Every coach, every priest, every man in authority can be such a powerful influence. We ought to make sure they have those opportunities.

On Wednesday in Washington, the House of Representatives will vote on keeping the D.C. school-choice scholarship program alive there. (The White House opposes the effort.) We need to make sure there are Bob Hurleys in Catholic inner-city schools and that they have community support. And that the kids who need the Hurleys most get on their courts.



  • Rebekah

    +JMJ+ I totally agree with you. It concerns me how many “manly” men most boys see in movies, and on television. They are obviously going to try to imitate them.



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