Reader: 18 Catholic colleges oppose contraceptive mandate, Perry apologizes for ‘heartless’ remark, FRC hits Mitt

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Eighteen Catholic colleges united in a letter to oppose the federal government’s contraception mandate and the lack of religious liberty in the mandate. The letter said: “No federal rule has defined being ‘religious’ as narrowly and discriminatorily as the Mandate appears to do, and no regulation has ever so directly proposed to violate plain statutory and constitutional religious freedoms.” The letter was organized by the Cardinal Newman Society.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry does damage control and apologizes for calling ‘heartless’ those who oppose the Texas DREAM Act he signed into law in 2001. The law gives in-state tuition to those who entered the country illegally but currently reside in Texas. “I was probably a bit over-passionate by using that word and it was inappropriate,” Perry admitted. “In Texas in 2001 we had 181 members of the legislature – only four voted against this piece of legislation – because it wasn’t about immigration it was about education.” Glad to see him apologize. It’s offensive to attack those who oppose your policy as being ‘heartless.’

Perhaps trying to help Rick Perry, Family Research Council head Tony Perkins questioned Mitt Romney on social issues. “He is not speaking as strongly to the social issues as he did four years ago,” said Perkins. “I think that if he is to emerge as the front-runner and the standard bearer for conservatives, he’s going to have to shore that up.” Glad to see Perkins holding the candidates accountable on pro-life and pro-family principles.

Other articles of interest:

Republicans are excited about the 2012 elections. Democrats not so much.

Archbishop Philip Hannah, the 11th archbishop of New Orleans, died this morning. He was 98. Rocco has a write-up on his amazing life story.

Catholicism, the amazing documentary by Fr. Robert Barron, is showing on PBS stations across the country.



  • Bill

    18 Catholic colleges/universities? If I recall correctly there were recently 231 “Catholic” colleges in the U.S. 18 is less then 10%. What a deplorable showing! I assume the others will merely go along with Sebelius the Catholic and her demands. Do you recall (some of you older readers) when we were told at Confirmation that we might have to die for the Faith? That bishops wore scarlet to signify their willingness to die for the Faith? The “rotting husk” we call the American Catholic Church is certainly being exposed for the fraud it is.

  • Roger

    To Archbishop Hannan, well done good and faithful servant. Pray for us.

  • patricia dolan

    I cannot believe that Ms. Sibelius would stoop so low as to put abortion, contraception on the American taxpayers. Please rethink your Catholic religion.


    Dear Joshua ~ I don’t have a problem with anyone opposing “heartlessness.” It’s both un-Catholic and Un-American. I do have a problem, however, with someone who flip flops this much being a viable candidate for president. I have an uncomfortable image of President Perry talking tough to a foreign leader about human rights, support for terrorists etc. and then gutting his principled position a few days later after his backers tell him it’s bad for their business. ~ Pax Tecum, Greg



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