Reader: 53% of independents plan to vote against Obama, Romney closer to Perry, Solyndra execs to plead 5th

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The latest poll by McClatchy/Marist looks bad for President Obama’s re-election efforts. “By a margin of 49 percent to 36 percent, voters said they definitely plan to vote against Obama, according to the poll. Independents by 53 percent to 28 percent said they definitely plan to vote against him… Even among Democrats, 31 percent think the Republican nominee will win.” Sounds good to me.

Mitt Romney is catching up to Rick Perry. The former Massachusetts governor trails Perry 28% to 24%. The four point gap is smaller than the 11 point distance that Perry enjoyed before his first debate. Michele Bachmann’s slide continues. She stands at just 8% in this Rasmussen poll. Others: Gingrich 9%, Cain 7%, Paul 6%, Santorum 3%, Huntsman 2% and McCotter 1%. Eleven percent were undecided.

Executives from Solyndra will plead the Fifth, refusing to testify at a House investigative committee. The Obama administration awarded the green energy firm a $535 million grant in May 2010. Earlier this month, just 16 months after the grant, the company went bankrupt. The company’s owner, George Kaiser, helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Kudos to Saint Francis University of Pennsylvania. They pulled an invitation to Ellen Goodman to speak after the Cardinal Newman Society called public attention to her abortion advocacy. The University said: “After careful consideration, the University felt Ms. Goodman’s body of work has reflected statements that are not in close enough alignment with some Catholic teachings and with the values and mission of the University as required for an event of this stature on the Saint Francis campus.”

Other articles of interest:

Pope Benedict XVI accepted the early retirement of Archbishop Daniel Buechlein of Indianapolis due to health problems. The see is vacant, as is the case in Denver and Baltimore.

The Michigan State Senate expected to vote on partial-birth abortion ban today

Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles remembers Dolores Hope’s “deep, abiding faith.” The widow of Bob Hope was a major benefactor of Catholic causes. She died Monday at the age of 102.

The California GOP keeps its party platform pro-life – for now.



  • Ryan

    Don’t vote AGAINST Obama! Vote FOR something, not against it. Stand up for something you believe in! I will be voting FOR Ron Paul, not against Obama.

    • Joe M

      Voting for Ron Paul in principle is voting for Obama in reality. We can’t afford another 4 years of Obama so that a relatively small number of people will feel good about their day at the voting booth.

  • skiski1234

    A very important read about Mitt Romney:

    Mitt Romney is not who he says he is his. His voting recored dose not lie………

    • Joe M

      Thank you for the link. However, I feel that it is either deceptive or outdated. It’s true that Romney was once pro-choice. However, he has changed his position and has been very open about his reasoning. A fair assessment of “who he is” should include that for anyone to judge.

  • D. Wagner

    “Among conservative GOP primary voters, Perry leads by nine. Among moderates, Romney leads by 12.

    Perry is supported by 36% of Evangelical Christian voters along with 31% of Catholic voters. Romney is backed by a plurality (31%) of Protestant voters.”
    My question is what was Romney support among Catholic’s? This is very important
    to me as a Catholic.



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