Reader: An Obama Catholic quits House, No ‘Faithful Citizenship’ update, Majority think Obama loses in ’12

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An Obama Catholic calls it quits. Rep. Jerry Costello, a Catholic Democrat representing the 12th District of Illinois (Belleville/suburbs of Saint Louis), will not be running for reelection in 2012. Costello votes pro-life about 65% of the time, but he also supported Obamacare. Costello also provided cover for Barack Obama, serving on Obama’s Catholic National Advisory Council during the 2008 presidential campaign. His district has only a +2 edge for Democrats and pundits have already called the seat a tossup.

Rocco Palmo is reporting that the USSCB has reaffirmed their 2007 Faithful Citizenship text. There will be a new introduction, but that will be the only change from the current document. Thomas Peters notes this only underscores the need of individual bishops to speak out on these issues.

A majority of Americans (55%) in a Washington Post/ABC poll expect Barack Obama to lose in 2012. Not surprisingly, 83% of Republicans expected that result. But even 42% of Democrats expect him to lose in 2012. Obviously the election is still 13 months from now. But with a second recession looming, these numbers might get worse. (Sounds good to me.)

Other articles of interest:

The Vatican’s newspaper criticizes the BBC decision to change to “common era” dating.

A great round-up on the Catholic New Media Conference by Matthew Warner. Next year’s CNMC is in Dallas apparently. Not sure when.

Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Catholic, ordered flags flown at half staff for Archbishop Hannan funeral.

And for those keeping score at home, the Democratic Senate hasn’t passed a budget in 888 days.



  • DisturbedMary

    Catholic means nothing.

    Democrat means everything.

    He will not be missed!

  • Paul

    Catholic and a democrat? You can’t be both! If you’re a democrat you’re ignoring your faith to vote for the policies and people that you vote for. If you’re Catholic you need to follow the faith and that means you can’t vote for the socialist, homosexual norming, abortion promoting, embryonic stem cell, and euthanasia promoting candidates.

  • Mrs. Mary (Goeken) Donahue

    It is a sad day for the unborn babies,for all life from the womb to the tomb.
    Congressman Costello is a staunch champion of the unborn.
    I argue with the characterization of “Obama Catholic”.
    But then it is said by an outsider.
    I am a citizen of IL and grew up in the right to life movement as it was born.
    I also dispute the 65% pro-life record too.

    I am a 53 yr old Mom of 9,Grandma to 6.
    I learned the right to life movement literally at my mother’s knee,since 1968.

    It is so hard to be pro-life when those who are supposed to be on your side,shoot you down.
    But Rep Costello withstood the criticism from the pro-abortion side
    and from the uneducated pro-lifers…and he stood proudly on the side of life.

    I thank him for his service and wish him well.

  • Andy Kirchoff

    Big Costello fan here: He supported Planned Parenthood’s defunding, he’s pro-DOMA, pro-life 100% with ObamaCare as the lingering and unfortunate exception – but to his credit, he supported the Protect Life Act as an original sponsor. Good man – he will be missed, but rest assured: there’s a strong Democratic machine in that area. It was one of only 3 counties that went for the Pat Quinn for the Gov. race in 2010. Costello’s seat will not fall easily. My hope is that A) The GOP puts up a good candidate in 2012, which they DID NOT do in 2010;
    B) The Dems put up a candidate in Costello’s mold – pro-life, Catholic, working class-type. Not sure how many are left, but I’m sure there’s some out there, especially in that district.

    • Joshua Mercer

      With the very notable exception of Obamacare, there’s much to like in his voting record. But my major beef with Costello is that he was on Obama’s Catholic outreach. I understand that he is a Democrat and from Obama’s home state and he’s likely to support Obama’s campaign. I just wish he hadn’t helped Barack Obama win the Catholic vote in 2008. Precisely because he’s a pro-life Catholic, he should have said no to this.

  • Victoria Dreksler

    Shame on you BBC for trying to erase Christ from history. HE IS, HE WAS AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE.

  • Davide

    Jindal will prolly be sued by the ACLU



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