Reader: British monarch soon able to marry a Catholic, Pro-life group starts work after tragedy, Earth at 7 billion

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Two major changes are coming to the British throne. The one getting the most attention is that sons and daughters of British monarchs will have an equal right to the throne. If approved, a first-born girl would now precedence over a younger brother. The other change would repeal the Act of Settlement of 1701 which bans the British monarch from marrying a Catholic. The changes would apply to any future children of Prince William and Dutchess Catherine. However, the monarch would still be required to be in communion with the Church of England, British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

Students for Life of America gets back to work on behalf of Kortney and Sophy Gordon, and Jon Scharfenberger – who all died as a result of an Oct. 8 car accident. Jon and Kortney were missionaries with SFLA. Sophy was the unborn daughter of Kortney. Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of SFLA, said: “While we’ve taken time to grieve alongside Jon and Kortney’s families and continue to recover from the loss of our friends, we have not stopped reaching out to our students, we have not stopped providing much-needed resources to campus groups, and we have not let this knock us off the track toward fulfilling our mission of turning the tide in America and ending abortion in our lifetimes.”

Baby number seven billion will be born on October 31 and Christopher White says this is a reason to celebrate. White said there has never been a direct link from population growth to poverty. He notes: “Between the years of 1971 and 2011, India’s population doubled, while its economy grew faster, and it now boasts an expected new working-age population for 2010–2020 of 123 million. This number is five times that of China, which suffers from a graying workforce thanks to its one-child policy, which began in 1978.”

Yesterday was the last day in which a presidential campaign could have a surrogate fill out paperwork to get their candidate on the New Hampshire primary ballot. Well, no one with Gary Johnson’s campaign submitted the paperwork. Whoops! Now Johnson has to scuttle his plans in Arizona today and fly to New Hampshire by today and file the paperwork in person. The Johnson campaign had pinned their campaign hopes on doing well in New Hampshire. He is the only Republican presidential candidate (that has polled high enough to be in a debate) who supports legal abortion.

Quote of the Day

“We have agreed to scrap the rule which says that no one that marries a Roman Catholic can become monarch,’ British Prime Minister David Cameron.


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  • lucy

    Wow! A woman can reach the “Throne.” Time for the Catholic Hierarchy to take the next step of evolution: the right of a woman to be Pope.

    • greg smith

      Lucy ~ I’ll settle for the Permanent Deaconate ~ Greg

  • Panda Rosa

    I can’t celebrate baby number seven billion that readily. already there’s so many in some of the worst areas, ravaged by war, hunger, epidemics; not to mention the strain put on natural resouces.
    I am pro-life, but also pro-responsibility; there’s no shortage of children with crummy parents.
    Just this Presbyter’s two cents.

    • lucy

      Panda Rosa, I couldn’t agree more. It is the responsibility of the parent or parents to provide enough food and protection from the envirionment so that the child can survive. It is also the responsibility of the parents to provide an environment that affords the child the opportunity to experience life without fear of the parents themselves. If this is not possible then the potential parents should not be bringing children into the world even if society as a whole agrees to take care of these children. Being a parent is not a God given right. Being a parent is an earned privilege. As soon as society accepts this concept, the sooner we can place “parent training” classes in place for potential parents so they will be equipped to handle the privilege of being a parent and the sooner we can end the action of bringing children into this world who will be under-nourished, under-protected and abused.

      • Whitney

        Being a parent is not a God-given right. Being a parent is NOT an earned privilege. Being a parent is a God-given imperative responsibility (except for the Catholic clergy, of course). Liberals will never understand this. More children = more blessings. A marriage (or woman) which has fewer children than it is capable of is accordingly blessed less by God. A marriage (or woman) that spurns children is condemned.

        • Panda Rosa

          The thorny word is “imperative”. A woman wants, even needs a child, even if she is not properly situated to have one; but the problem in this sorry world is that such things do not deter what should be the blessed conception of any child. Hormones just don’t want to listen to the Maker of Life.
          More than that it is not wise for me to say.



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