Reader: Cain camp denies sexual harassment charges, U.S. prefers Reagan over FDR, KC paper refuses ad defending bishop

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  • Two women had accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior when he was head of the National Restaurant Association.
  • The Cain campaign denies any allegations of sexual harassment.
  • Not all unwanted advances are “sufficiently severe or pervasive” to automatically constitute sexual harassment under U.S. law, says Curt Levey of the Committee of Justice.
  • There’s hope yet: Americans would choose Ronald Reagan over Franklin D. Roosevelt to lead us during these trying times 36% to 29%.
  • Student loan debt has hit the $1 trillion mark and this bubble is starting to burst. Glenn Reynolds offers some ideas on how to deal with this crisis.
  • Unreal: The Kansas City Star newspaper turned down a $25,000 ad from the Catholic League which defended Bishop Robert Finn.
  • Only the Vatican has more relics than this Pittsburgh parish.
  • 34 days into the current 40 Days for Life and so far 417 babies have been saved. Praise God!



    Dear Joshua – Hmmmm. If someone applied for a position and you believed that person, especially a married person, engaged in ““[S]exual flirtation or innuendo, even vulgar language that is trivial or merely annoying” towards a coworker or subordinate at a prior job, would you hire them. Back when I owned my company, I wouldn’t have. ~ Pat tecum, Greg

    • Joshua Mercer

      I agree with you, Greg. Perhaps when I publish articles critical of candidates, I wrongly publish a counter-point — worried too much that people will say I’m in attack mode. But it is likely true that the standards that you and I have on this matter are higher than the rest of the American electorate. Americans might be willing to forgive (too easily I would say) a married man for boorish behavior. But they might draw the line at if it constitutes actual legally-defined sexual harassment.

      • Joe M

        “Americans might be willing to forgive (too easily I would say) a married man for boorish behavior.” — As evidenced by Bill Clinton. In the case of Cain, I don’t think it’s a matter of forgiveness as much as not wanting to judge someone when the details aren’t well understood.



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