Reader: Country star joins group founded by Terri Schiavo’s family, Ridge backs Huntsman, Reagan for Senate?

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Kudos to country music star (and recent Catholic convert) Collin Raye, who agreed to be the new spokesman of the Life and Hope Network, founded by the family of Terri Schiavo. “What the Life and Hope network does is provide an already pretty impressive network list of attorneys and doctors that are available and are committed to stopping things from happening again like what happened to Terri,” said Raye.

Pro-abortion Republican Tom Ridge has endorsed pro-life Jon Huntsman for president. Huntsman supports marriage as a union of one man and one woman, but unfortunately supports civil unions. Huntsman has also said the Republican Party hasn’t done enough for “equality.” Ridge, who served as Secretary of Homeland Security, supports legal abortion yet claims to be Catholic.

Reagan for Senate? Only 41% of California voters approve of pro-abortion Sen. Dianne Feinstein, according to a Field Poll. Also, a plurality (44%) were “not inclined” to vote for her, while 41% were. Former talk show host Michael Reagan, and the conservative son of former President Ronald Reagan is considering a bid against Feinstein.

Patrick Reilly, of the Cardinal Newman Society, warned the Chicago Tribune of the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to declare that some colleges were not sufficiently Catholic to qualify for a religious exemption is an assault on religious liberty. Said Reilly: “It’s just a matter of principle that a federal agency shouldn’t be making those judgments. It should be Catholic bishops.”

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Rep. Bob Turner, R-NY, moved into the office of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who he replaced. When Turner found toiletries left behind, he had the entire office sanitized.



  • rosaryfixer

    Rep. Turner should have blessed the office with holy water and blessed salt, or asked a local priest to do this.



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