Reader: Crisis pregnancy centers in court, 5 ways the Internet helps pro-lifers, and Minnesota Nice

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Chris Slattery founded EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in New York City.

  • Oral arguments begin today in a federal court in New York City. At issue is the City of New York‘s zealous attempt to eliminate the free speech rights of those who work for crisis pregnancy centers. Similar legislation was struck down in two separate decisions in federal court. The courts ruled that the Government cannot, consistent with the First Amendment, require a pro-life pregnancy-related service center to post a sign that would essentially compel Government mandated speech. The American Center for Law and Justice and the Alliance Defense Fund is involved in this case.
  • Jennifer Fulwiler offers Five Reasons the Internet will make America more pro-life. For #5 she noted that it’s easier to find alternatives to abortion by going to Google. “The average person in the places I lived was probably not even aware that maternity homes and pro-life crisis pregnancy centers existed.” Read the rest from her list over at the National Catholic Register.
  • After Tim Pawlenty‘s refusal to slam Mitt Romney over his health care plan in Monday’s presidential primary debate, Minnesota native Michael Moreland wondered over at the Mirror of Justice if folks from the North Star State are just too nice to be president. He noted that past Minnesota presidential candidates had the same problem: “Gene McCarthy was also reluctant to attack Robert Kennedy in the 1968 campaign (though McCarthy was privately disdainful of Kennedy), and Hubert Humphrey distanced himself from President Johnson and the Administration’s policy on the Vietnam War only very late in the 1968 general election campaign, which may have cost Humphrey the election against Nixon. Minnesotans’ civility and decency are a tonic for a coarsened political culture, but perhaps they have also been our undoing.” Question: Does this mean your blog editor shouldn’t bother ordering Mercer 2016 signs?


  • Tom Crowe

    Hmmmm…… I wonder how much of the pro-life impact of the internet comes through personal interactions via social media that were previously not possible. … Something tells me there have been some unheralded “greatest American tweets” that have saved babies’ lives that we’ll never know about.



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