Reader: CV mentioned in WSJ, Perry climbs back to 13%, House ready to pass payroll tax cut extension

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Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

There is little room for dissent with Kathleen Sebelius in charge, says WSJ columnist Bill McGurn. He gives a shout out to the new CatholicVote ad in his column. (Subscription might be required).

Too soon to call it a comeback, but Rick Perry climbs up to 13% in the latest Iowa poll.

Perry’s also starting a month-long bus tour of Iowa.

Michele Bachmann will one-up him, by hitting all 99 counties of Iowa in her bus tour.

A brokered GOP convention? Don’t bet on it, says Sean Trende.

Speaker Boehner says the House will pass a bill extending the payroll tax cut. The bill also contains a provision on the Keystone Pipeline which Obama opposes.

NBC calls the ad with Tim Tebow and his mother a “controversial anti-abortion ad.”

The Supreme Court is an ‘enormous issue’ for 2012.

Obamacare could obliterate most health care conscience protections, experts say.



  • Matt

    Gasp! A former Bush speechwriter criticizing Sebelius for “too little room for dissent?” Funny, I remember those speeches during McGurn’s years as speechwriter denouncing anyone who didn’t support the surge as anti-American.

    • Joe M

      I’m curious. Can you cite a McGurn speech that calls dissenters of the surge un-American?


    Somewhat off this post, but check out the Lincoln – Douglas style debate between Gingrich and Huntsman last night on YouTube. Both presented very sophisticated, thoughtful approaches to critical foreign policy issues. It was so much more instructive than the personalized free-for-alls we seen so far AND the Trump circus coming up.



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