Reader: Dem says Obama would lose PA today, Cuccinelli to run for VA Gov, TPaw talks about his ‘whiff’

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Obama would lose Pennsylvania if the election were held today, says Paul Kanjorski.  Kanjorski is a Democrat from Scranton who lost his House seat in 2010.

And by the way,’s PAC had something to do with that defeat.  

Fred Barnes has a must-read article on the unheralded successes of the pro-life movement, which I didn’t notice until now.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is expected to announce a run for governor in days. Cuccinelli is a pro-life Catholic who gained national attention for filing a lawsuit against Obamacare. The election will be held in 2013.

I love Tim Pawlenty, but his explanation of why he ‘whiffed’ on attacking Romney over “Obamneycare” is just painful.

A local union leader in Michigan writes in the Detroit News about how the new EPA regulations will ‘devastate’ his state’s economy.

The Illinois Supreme Court to hear parental notification case.





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