Reader: Election 2011 results, Paterno to resign, Christmas tree tax, Bishop warns of ‘Atheocracy’

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Republicans take over Virginia Senate, pending a recount. Bryce Reeves (right) has an 86 vote lead. If that holds, the GOP will control both house of the Legislature and the Governor’s office.

Ohio voters rejected GOP’s public union reform plan but also rejected President Obama’s health care mandate.

John McCormick in the Weekly Standard: “Why Did Anti-Abortion Mississippi vote down the Personhood Amendment”?

Penn State head coach Joe Paterno will resign at the end of the season. Paterno is under criticism for not doing enough to report sex abuse charges against a former assistant coach.

The Obama administration has announced a 15-cent Christmas tree tax.

Dorothy Rabinowitz: “Why Gingrich Could Win.”

Atheocracy.  A new word, and a real threat.  Denver’s Bishop James Conley explains.

Siena College, which is Catholic, invites a speaker to campus who says the Catholic Church has “blood on their hands.”

22 years ago today, the Berlin Wall was finally opened and the people of East Germany were no longer imprisoned. Why we must always remember.



  • Dan

    This Christmas Tree Tax story is pure baloney. From the National Christmas Tree Association, which requested the “tax” in question:

  • Jordan

    On one hand the Bishop claims that there is a threat to religious liberty in the next sentence he rallies the reader to restore laws based on God. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that this constant push by people like him to force his view of God onto others is the reason that others are pushing back. There is no religious liberty if laws based on one group’s view of “God” are written into law and prevent those that believe otherwise from practicing their faith. The only thing the Bishop is creating is animosity against intolerant people like him and catholicism in general. His truth is not everyone else’s truth, and it’s about time we started treating others with differing beliefs with the same respect we expect from them. Otherwise, it’s just hypocrisy.

  • Davide

    The unions spent 30 million dollars and almost 20,000 boots on the ground in Ohio to defeat issue 2. Over the course of the last two weeks I received 73 phone calls from the Union folk 21 on Tuesday-automated crap. They were sneaky too, calls coming in as cellular, fake businesses out of Denver, Chicago, Maryland, Cleveland, it was nuts.

    • Jordan

      I think it’s called a Democracy. We talk about the issues, and those that can convince the most people to support their side win. In this case, more people in Ohio agreed with the unions and against the greedy Republicans trying to take money away from working families. You can’t say it works when the majority is able to take rights away from some people(like when you celebrate when gay people are written out of state constitutional protections) and then claim it doesn’t work in this case. I live in Ohio too, and frankly the advertising was far more truthful than anything I saw when I lived in Maine. Just Google “Mark Mutty Hyperbole” and see what he said about how untruthful his campaign was. I didn’t hear you speaking out about lies and distortions in that campaign (because it was from your side).



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