Reader: +Gomez warns religious liberty in peril, SF targets crisis pregnancy center, ‘Arab Winter’ for Christians?

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Archbishop José Gomez penned a powerful piece in First Things on “our first freedom” – that of religious liberty. The archbishop of the nation’s largest diocese said: “There is much evidence to suggest that our society no longer values the public role of religion or recognizes the importance of religious freedom as a basic right.” He cited several attacks on religious liberty including: the legal fights surrounding the merger of Catholic and secular hospitals, the Justice Department claiming in Court that religious supporters of marriage are biased and prejudiced, and the recent federal contraception mandate that provides a religious exemption so narrow that almost no Catholic organization would qualify. This article is a must-read.

Maronite patriarch (Catholic) warns of an ‘Arab Winter’ in which the rights of Christians are harmed in countries like Egypt and Libya where a dictator is removed only to be replaced with a regime that actually persecutes Christians more. “We do not wish to see happening in these countries what happened in Iraq, where the country now is in the middle of a civil war,” said Patriarch Bechara Rai.

The City of San Francisco passed a law that targets crisis pregnancy centers for “false advertising.” According to Catholic San Francisco newspaper: “The ‘False Advertising by Limited Services Pregnancy Centers’ legislation, introduced by Supervisor Malia Cohen, is aimed at First Resort’s use of billboards in poor Latino and African-American neighborhoods and pay-per-click Google ads that bring up First Resort’s website in response to the search engine query ‘abortion.’” Makes you wonder: What happened to Free Speech?

Quote of the Day

We are slowly losing our sense of religious liberty in America.” – Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles.


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Other articles of interest:

A federal judge puts a stop on a law in North Carolina which requires that women be allowed to see an ultrasound before abortion.

The Pennsylvania Senate is set to vote on a school choice plan tomorrow.

Ron Paul said that heterosexual soldiers were “causing more trouble than the gays.” A curious way to win over social conservative voters in Iowa.



  • Jamie

    It appears your text is incorrect. You said “A federal judge puts a stop on a law in North Carolina which requires that women be ALLOWED to see an ultrasound before abortion.” The law actually requires that the doctor be forced to place the ultrasound where the woman has to see it. Clearly, this impedes on the Doctor’s rights to free speech and the woman’s right to decide how her medical care is provided. This law basically forces a woman to look at her ultrasound before she has an abortion. Be honest about the law and it’s ACTUAL requirements.

    • Joshua Mercer

      Yes, I agree that this is a regulation on the way in which a doctor conducts his practice. If the law were to stand, no doctor would have the legal ability to abort children without first offering the mother an opportunity to see an ultrasound. You say this law “forces a woman to look at her ultrasound.” So you are claiming that the North Carolina law does not permit the woman the ability to decline a viewing of the ultrasound. Please provide the basis for this assertion.

      • Paul

        It appears in the article you linked to. Maybe you just didn’t read it.

      • Father John

        The provision halted by the judge calls for abortion providers to show ultrasounds to a woman at least four hours before her abortion, with “a simultaneous explanation of what the display is depicting, which shall include the presence, location and dimensions of the unborn child within the uterus.”

    • Father John

      I don’t support this law that forces a woman to watch an ultrasound. My wife had to have an abortion when she went into hypertension and it’s disposable that a politician would force her to watch her child die.

      • Whitney

        Abortion is, sadly, still legal in many forms. If a woman undergoes this process, she should do so with the full knowledge of what she is doing. No sugarcoating it under any circumstances (no “rape exception,” etc.). A woman should be told, “this is your child. See how it’s shaped? Like a small human? See it moving around inside you? You are about to legally murder it. The responsibility for this falls on your shoulders.”


    Dear Joshua ~ The absurd thing about this piece of legislation is that First Resort ( is a model program. It is staffed by licensed professionals, it isn’t tied to any theology and doesn’t “guilt trip” clients. What they do is provide women with accurate information about a range of options and yes, abortion is one of them, though they don’t perform or refer for them. The only weakness I see is that they can only provide limited services for women who wish to raise their babies but don’t think they have the economic means to do so. If First Resort was as big as PP, the abortion situation in America would be vastly different Roe or no. As for our beloved Supes, this legislation is unconsitutional on it’s face. Unfortunately that’s never stopped them before. Check out ~Pax tecum, Greg

    • Whitney

      Why are you defending First Resort? Any organization that offers family counseling and “isn’t tied to any theology” rings warning bells in my head… sounds like it’s run by liberal atheists who want to keep the concept of God away from families. Furthermore, any organization who even considers abortion as an option (even if they “outsource” it) is fatally flawed and must be done away with. There is no middle ground here. When a woman gets pregnant, there is ONE option: have your child and raise it. “Lack of economic means” is just an excuse, another way of saying “an inconvenience to me.” If First Resort was as big as PP, nothing would change because babies would still be dying at the hands of genocidal, pro-abort liberals.



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