Reader: GOP finds marriage penalty in Obamacare, Pro-life laws should focus on supply, Mack running for Senate

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House Republicans are claiming that Obamacare has a marriage penalty. When some couples get married, they may no longer be eligible for tax incentives for insurance, a new report from the GOP Oversight and Government Reform Committee says.

Professor Michael New suggests that laws which regulate the supply side of abortion (e.g. require that an abortion be performed in a hospital) have a stronger effect in reducing the number of abortions than regulations that try to affect demand (like informed consent).

Rep. Connie Mack IV has changed his mind and will now run for the United States Senate in Florida. He faces George LeMieux and Adam Hasner in the Republican primary for the chance to run against Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson. Before Nelson won the seat in 2000, it was held by Mack’s father, Sen. Connie Mack III. Rep. Mack brings high name recognition to the race. But pro-lifers will note that Rep. Mack voted for embryonic destructive research in 2007.

Quote of the Day

“So, do I believe that we should have some kind of international system of dividing the pie? No, and I don’t think that’s what he is calling for. I believe that the social Magisterium – again, I am saying this as a Catholic – is very helpful and it does not pick which of the two philosophies between the left and the right are right or wrong. That is up to the prudential judgment of lay people who are practicing, practice as politicians.” – Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI.


Yesterday, I shared a photo of a boy with Down Syndrome who said “I am the 10%” – a reference to ghastly statistic that 90% of children diagnosed with Down are aborted. It had already been shared 2100 times since past Saturday. Since I posted it to CatholicVote’s Facebook wall, it got the attention of and It has now been shared 7,144 times. Deo Gratias!

Other articles of interest:

Reuters notes that gender-based abortions of baby girls in India has produced another problem: “Wife-sharing.”

Notre Dame selects Carter Snead to take the helm of the Center for Ethics and Culture. CV Blogger Kathryn Lopez has a report at the National Catholic Register.

Ignatius Insight has a link to Pope Benedict XVI’s address at Assisi.



  • Rob

    This tax credit as a marriage penalty is only one thing: DUMB.

    Clearly, there must be some level where combined income rises to a point where subsidies under the Affordable Care Act aren’t needed because a family can comfortably afford to purchase care on their own. Or, perhaps we should be giving tax credits to gazillionaires so they can afford to buy insurance.

    Now, if we wanted to have an adult discussion about what the proper level to be set is, that’s fine. Or, we can continue to prop up ridiculous GOP arguments that serve no purpose other than to denigrate the opposition party and pander to the uninformed.



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