Reader: HHS Secy raising money for NARAL, Perry rakes in the cash, Dems win WV Gov race

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Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

The Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is helping to raise money for the pro-abortion group NARAL in Chicago tonight. (Remember, Sebelius claims to be Catholic.) reports that NARAL has been touting Sebelius’ appearance by saying she “is guiding the implementation of the historic Affordable Care Act.” Why is the nation’s health secretary speaking before a group that refuses to accept the reality that pregnancy is normal and not a disease?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry reported a strong fundraising haul of $17 million in the third quarter. His fundraising did not take a dip after his recent mediocre debate performance, but actually increased from $323K per day to $478K per day. This is likely due to the fact that politicians use the deadline to convince donors to give as strong fundraising totals can show a candidate’s strength. It’s good news for Perry, who’s had a 2-3 week run of bad news.

Democrats hold on to the Governor’s Mansion in West Virginia. Republicans can only win the state in the presidential election, it seems. The great news from the Mountaineer State is that both Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin and Republican Bill Maloney are pro-life. Wouldn’t it be nice if every election in this country we had candidates which were pro-life? I yearn for the day when supporting legal abortion would be as political damaging as supporting segregation or child labor.

Other articles of interest:

GOP presidential candidates one-by-one back out of a planned Univision debate because of the hit piece the network did against Sen. Marco Rubio’s family.

Over at there’s an interview with the son of a famous atheist. R.J. Stove talks about his conversion to Catholicism.

The Supreme Court hears a case today about a Lutheran school who fired a teacher. The case has important implications for religious liberty.

No same-sex “weddings” at West Point’s Catholic chapel, says the archbishop for Military Services, Timothy Broglio.



  • enness

    The Republican almost never wins in local elections in WV. However, it is true that presidential elections can be a different story. I think many of the Democrats are “old school” Democrats. Either that or people who are essentially moderate enough Republicans to pass are running under that label just so they have a prayer.

  • Andy Kirchoff

    There are few politicians on this planet that draw my ire more than Kathleen Sebelius…scary that she’s going to be in my area tonight. Yuck…



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