Reader: Is Apple’s Siri pro-life?, 2011 was ‘most difficult year in history’ for PP, In RI it’s a ‘holiday’ tree

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Siri, which is a voice recognition program for the iPhone, won’t help you find a place to get an abortion.

Maybe this is why Siri is like that.

The Grinch is alive in Rhode Island: Gov. Lincoln Chafee, an Independent, calls it a “holiday tree.” What holiday, sir? Is there any holiday other than Christmas that is commemorated by a tree?

Newtmentum is real, says conservative commentator Matt Lewis.

Planned Parenthood called 2011 the ‘most difficult year in our history.’ Good. And I hope you have an even more difficult time killing children in 2012.

The Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide is formed and launches a website to stop a petition to legalize euthanasia in the Bay State.

Bayard Publishing merges Faith and Family magazine into a new Catholic Digest with Danielle Bean as the new editor.



  • Tim

    “Is there any holiday other than Christmas that is commemorated by a tree?”

    Arbor Day, last Friday in April…

  • Fratty

    Oddly, my siri was more than happy to direct me to 5 local abortion providers, including planned parenthood. Did anyone actually bother to check this before hitting the publish button?

  • Dustin D

    Certainly a tree erected on City land using public money can not be attributed to the Christian faith without running afoul of the establishment clause and the first amendment. The constitution specifically denies government the ability to promote one religion over another. I’m all for the government calling it a holiday tree if they want as it allows it to remain in the town and for people to enjoy it and reflect on the season. The alternative would be to take it down like Seattle did in 2005. Thank you Governor Chafee for being a voice of reason and compromise.

    • Joe M

      Dustin D. It’s freedom OF religion. Not freedom FROM religion. Putting up a Christmas tree doesn’t promote a religion over others. It is simply a tradition that that community enjoys.

      • Dustin D

        Really? I think the constitution says that congress shall make no laws RESPECTING and establishment of religion. Further, some people’s religion is that they don’t believe in a God or Gods, so forcing them to pay for a religious symbol erected on public land using tax dollars, certainly isn’t freedom of religion for them. Do people actually stop to think or consider other people’s feelings before posting ridiculous comments here?

        • Joe M

          Dustin D. How is putting up a tree making a law that respects a religion? — And your other idea about some peoples religion (I’m glad that you admit it is a religion) being that they don’t believe in God is pretty easy to turn on its head logically. If their religion is to have no religion, isn’t insisting on no tax dollars spent on other religions a form of respecting their religion?



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