Reader: Jesus not ‘religious enough’ for Obamacare exemption, ND slams HHS mandate, military chaplains & SSM

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Call it the Quote of the Month. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo took issue with the phony religious exemption offered by the Obama administration in their recent abortifacient/contraception mandate. The “religious employer exemption” is “so extremely narrow that it protects almost no one,” said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo. “Jesus himself, or the Good Samaritan of his famous parable, would not qualify as ‘religious enough’ for the exemption, since they insisted on helping people who did not share their view of God.”

Speaking of which, University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins sent a letter to the White House denouncing the mandate. “This would compel Notre Dame to either pay for contraception and sterilization in violation of the church’s moral teaching, or to discontinue our employee and student health care plans in violation of the church’s social teaching. It is an impossible position.” Having already spoken at Notre Dame, one wonders what use President Obama has in listening to Fr. Jenkins.

U.S. military chaplains are now allowed to perform religious ceremonies for couples of the same sex. Left unanswered is if chaplains are also free to say no in performing these ceremonies.

Other articles of interest:

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If the Supreme Court rules Obamacare unconstitutional, Philip Klein says it could benefit Mitt Romney.



  • Sparch

    The good Father Jenkins is now reaping the fruit of what he has sewn. His support of Obama was meant to mean something. The question is now if Fr. Jenkins beleives that this administration will listen to him and reverse it self on contraception. I think the good father was used for political expedency and will now be thrown overboard as his services will no longer be required.

  • hello

    “Further a chaplain is not required to participate in or officiate a private ceremony if doing so would be in variance with the tenets of his or her religion.” – from the memo released today by the Pentagon.

  • Mary

    Here’s the original source on the USCCB web site.
    As always, pray for our bishops. They need it to remain courageous in the fight for life and religious freedom.

  • cheese*queen

    More insidious is the marginalization or privatization of religious moral teaching.

    Progressives will support First Amendment rights to religious speech and action ONLY in the privacy of one’s home or church building. Any action undertaken from a religious stance, or any opinion informed by religious teaching and morals must be squelched.

    What a supremely Satanic trick it has been to take sexual perversion and fornication OUT of the shadows and pretend it is normalcy, and then force religious behavior and belief INTO the closet.

    If love of God does not infuse every cell in the Christian or Jew’s body, if the Word does not help sustain and empower your thoughts and decisions, then maybe that Sunday-only “practicing in the privacy of one’s home” will work out fine.

  • Davide

    Of course military chaplains are free not to perform same-sex “marriages” this is a right granted by our Creator and affirmed by the US Constitution. Same-sex “marriages” do not exist and they never will. Sooner homofascist come to terms with this Truth the better for the majority. The USA is not rob rule and absolutely no one has the right to tell me or anyone else that I (we) must accept “same-sex marriages”, it ain’t going to happen. Besides this new thing looks like a clear violation of DOMA. Sad state of affairs when the State now protects immoral behavior…

    • gerry

      If you call a dogs tail a leg, how many legs does it have. still just four, because it does not matter what you call it, it is still a tail.

      If you call two men living together and performing perverse acts a marriage, it does not make it a marriage. Remember when we used to be taught that a marriage had to be consummated before it was valid. And the priest does not perform the marriage. It is performed by the man and the women each and every day of their lives. The priest blesses the marriage.

      • Davide

        very true Gerry. There is nothing in these laws thats says the ‘marriage’ must be consummated so heterosexuals can also ‘marry’ the same sex



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