Reader: Michael Moore mocks Jesus, Christie summons donors to NJ, Primary calendar moves up

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Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore joked about Jesus Christ being a homosexual while speaking at Georgetown University. The Washington Blade, a Washington-based gay newspaper, reported: “Moore, who was raised Catholic, used Christian themes throughout his speech. At one point he joked that Jesus was gay. “You know those 12 men Jesus was always hanging out with? Mhm,” he said to laughter.” Blogger Matt Archbold notes that Georgetown University’s Lecture Fund responded to the event by saying: “Thanks for coming to our Michael Moore event at Gaston Hall. The Lecture Fund hopes that everyone found the dialogue interesting and thought provoking.” Unreal.

The story just won’t die. A GOP insider emails conservative writer Matt Lewis saying that big potential donors to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie “have been told to prepare to go to Trenton this Thursday” to stand with the Governor in case he has a big announcement. What do you think? Is Christie running?

In reaction to Florida’s decision to set their presidential primary on January 31, South Carolina has now moved their primary up to January 21. New Hampshire is waiting on Nevada to set its caucuses before setting a date. And naturally, Iowa is waiting on New Hampshire. What madness. Thanks, Florida!

Other articles of interest:

There’s an international adoption ministry for children with Down Syndrome.

A great profile of Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz by Gannett News Service. Kurtz is VP of the US Bishops Conference.

No joke: Clinton confidant Terry McAuliffe tried to persuade the famed “Obama girl” to switch over to the Hillary camp during the 2008 campaign.



  • YouveBeenHad

    But Michael Moore didn’t say those things. It was a fake satirical article, found here –

  • Henry Rooney

    It is disturbing to think that Catholic Education has sunk so low. Where are our Bishops? Have they sunk in to a sink-hole of materialism? Maybe the good life has taken its toll

  • Bill

    Michael Moore-What do you think would occur if Moore had made those comments about Mohammed in a mosque? There would not be a piece of him large enough to fill a cup. How about a Lubavitcher synagogue?
    Do you know why these remarks can be uttered in what used to be a Catholic University? Because the audience members each have a Master’s Degree and a Mortgage as well as being chucklehesds and effeminates.

    • Sandra Gray

      Blasphemous Nerd. I think we should get more like the Moslems and not take this carry on lying down we should rise up and defend Our beautiful Religion against Nerds like this

  • Retired Chief

    While the Sacrament of Baptism is a permanent character on the soul, it does not impose character on the soul. That task is left to the parents and Godparents. I know they are squirming and denying his relationship to them. How can any university that declares itself Catholic ever condescend to admit that hate-filled progressive liberal to enter the campus, much less address an audience within its grounds.

    What parents who scrimp and save to educate their children as catholic would ever consent to permitting his narrow-minded hate-filled rhetoric to be spewed in a campus that is supposed to train disciples for Christ? What were these administrators thinking? When will they have those paragons of Catholic virtue, Barbara Mikulski or Nancy Pelosi, to speak on the beauty of abortion?

    Isn’t there a heretic or two out there that they might want to give equal time?

    I am appalled.

  • SueF

    Michael Moore proclaimed himself a Catholic on the View a while back. I think it was during the petitions not to execute Troy Davis in GA.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when God spits MM out of His mouth.

    • Matt B

      That will be one fearful regurgitation.



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