Reader: Pope to visit Cuba, Romney slams Newt, Pelosi calls bishops ‘lobbyists’

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The Catholic Church confirms Pope Benedict XVI will visit Cuba in the spring.

The mitts come off: Romney slams Gingrich for attacking Paul Ryan’s Medicare reforms.

Mitt Romney now says he wouldn’t recommend other states adopt Romneycare. That’s a shift from what he said in 2008. (Go figure, he changed his position.)

Nancy Pelosi refers to our Catholic bishops as ‘lobbyists.’  

Catholic universities see the value of single-sex housing.

As Congress debates extending unemployment benefits, they should make those who receive benefits also do volunteer work in the community, says commentator Nolan Finley. 

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the United States! Today is a holy day of obligation, but don’t simply go because you must. Go willingly and with great joy! And ask Holy Mary to bless “the land of our birth.”



  • Matt

    Unemployed people have so much time on their hands…I mean, job-searching doesn’t take up any time does it? From locating job openings to crafting cover letters and resumes targeted at individual job offerings to filling out page after page of online applications, it’s all done in a few minutes. Or not. Finding a job IS a full-time job.

    • Fratty

      Unfortunately you are going to get thumbs down on this board as no one has any empathy for anyone’s problems other than their own.

      • Philip

        Matt & Fratty,

        Yes, finding a job is a full-time job, but if you’re on unemployment, it’s not outrageous to ask that you do SOMETHING for those benefits. I work a large amount of overtime at my job. Consider the hours one has to ‘work’ to earn the unemployment as ‘overtime’

        As far as empathy – this is easily one of the most foolish comments I’ve read on this board in a long time. I work damn long hours and pay large amounts of Federal, FICA & Medicare taxes every year. I know I won’t receive much, if any, return from social security or medicare for what I’ve contributed in to the system. I’d put my charitable contributions up against anyone on here. I volunteer my time. Having empathy does NOT mean giving other people money indefinitely and expecting nothing in return. Having empathy in general means helping those learn to help themselves so that they in turn can learn to help others stand on their own 2 feet. And yes, that means having to work for your unemployment and public assistance.

        My priority, and primary moral responsibility, is to provide for my wife and kids. Where’s the ’empathy’ for why I’m continually asked to take more and more of what I have and give to others – with no concern for the impact it has on my family? I don’t need to be thanked for what I do, but I darn sure don’t need to be insulted (“lack of empathy”) b/c I think people could contribute more of their time to the public good in exchange for receiving public cash (via taxes that are paid).

    • Joshua Mercer

      Matt, I largely agree with you. But I thought that the article was worth noting.



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