Reader: Pro-abort NH Gov won’t run again, PA GOP looks at electoral college, stem cells debate in WI

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Great news from the Granite State: Pro-abortion Democrat John Lynch, who professes to be Catholic, won’t seek re-election to a fifth two-year term as governor of New Hampshire. His decision opens the race for governor wide open. Pro-life Catholic Ovide Lamontagne, who lost to (now Senator) Kelly Ayotte, is running for the GOP nomination.

The Pennsylvania GOP (which controls the Legislature and Governor’s mansion) is considering changing the distribution of electoral college votes in the Keystone state from the current winner-take-all to allocating them by Congressional district. While considered a swing state, Democrats have won the state every presidential election since 1988. No Democrat has won a presidential election without Pennsylvania in over 60 years. If the proposal becomes law, Obama will have a tougher time reaching 270 votes. But Pennsylvania Republicans might face a backlash from independent voters that put them in control of the Legislature in 2010.

Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature are considering a proposal that would ban the research use of cells derived from fetal tissue in Wisconsin. Joel Schmidt, a biochemist and Catholic blogger has more details.

In Michigan, Republican legislators have submitted six different bills to increase school choice, including lifting the cap on the number of charter schools.

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Bad news for Obama administration: The Treasury Department has joined in the investigation of Solyndra, the now bankrupt company that was a touted as a model of President Obama’s green energy program.

Your tax dollars at “work”: Almost $19 billion in state unemployment benefits were paid in error over the last three years, according to data from the Labor Department.

Requests for unemployment benefits last week jumped to the highest level in three months, a sign that layoffs could be increasing.





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