Reader: Rick Perry’s ad doesn’t help marriage cause, Newt’s campaign faces hurdles, Ron Paul courts evangelicals

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on.

Catholic blogger Matthew Warner thinks Rick Perry’s new ad about gays in the military is overly simplistic red meat that doesn’t help the pro-marriage cause. (I think Matt’s right.)  

Non-partisan political analyst Charlie Cook says Newt Gingrich’s campaign fundamentals are very lacking and will hamper his chances of winning the nomination.

The Saint Louis Police Dept. calmly and quietly cleared out the Occupy Wall Street crowd in their town — without using harsh techniques or causing social unrest. (Sometimes it’s best not to be Clint Eastwood.)    

Washington Post blogger Jen Rubin also thinks Newt Gingrich needs to explain his changes on embryonic stem cell research.

Ron Paul is making a major play for evangelical Christians in Iowa.

The GOP Senate fight in Wisconsin is just between former Gov. Tommy Thompson and former Rep. Mark Nuemann, right? Actually, a third candidate might win the race, says Hotline. That’s State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.

Awesome News: Abortions in Arizona drop 30% after pro-life law takes effect.





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