Reader: Romney can’t close the sale, Perry rebukes anti-Catholic pastor, Paul’s amazing pro-life ad

Welcome to an abbreviated Lunchtime Reader today. I’m at the Marian Conference at Boyne Falls, Michigan. If you’re in northern Michigan this weekend, check it out.

Mitt Romney still can’t close the sale with Republicans, the AP reports.

How will legalizing same-sex “marriage” harm me? Prof. Stephen Heaney explains.

Gov. Rick Perry Rebukes Pastor Robert Jeffress’ anti-Catholicism.

Rep. Ron Paul launches an amazing pro-life commercial. It contains personal testimony in which Paul recounts walking into a room and witnessing a late-term abortion. Paul, who is pro-life, is an obstetrician who has delivered 4,000 babies. (You can only watch this unlisted video if you have a Gmail or YouTube account.)



  • Rob

    According to Professor Stephen Heaney’s logic, we should make a law against adulterers, because they certainly have harmed all of us, even if we don’t realize it.

    Care to share how we would pay for the overflowing jails and courts?

  • Marcel LeJeune

    While I am a bigger supporter of Cain than I am Perry, I am not worried that he would in any way support anti-Catholicism. I know his best friend well. He is a Catholic. They grew up together and Perry doesn’t have any anti-Catholicism in him.

    • greg smith

      Dear Marcel ~ I’m sure that with President Perry we Catholics wpould have “a seat at the table.” My concern is that the fanatic, anti-Catholic fundementalists would also have one. ~ Pax ~ Greg

  • Davide

    Totally off subject but did anyone read the post on the Huffington Post this morning? It was written by a woman of the name of Michelle Somerville…she attacked the Church on all fronts. Claiming our Church is in danger of losing tax except status. She attacked the Pope, faithful Catholics, Dolan and other Church leaders. She went after the Church’s stance on birth-control and abortion. She of course couldn’t help herself in talking about the child abuse scandal but oddly leaving out the under pinning reason for these abuses (homosexual abuse of minors). She attacked our faith in our defense of authentic marriage…the sad part at the end she claims to be Catholic. It was heartbreaking to read and greatly troubled me. Tears actually ran down my cheeks..all I can think of Is how damn lucky I am that I was raised by wonderfully devout and authentic Catholics. I also think of my father’s words to me a long time ago: “hold tight to your faith, there will come a day that is all you’ll have left”. I think we all realize we are at war. A war we can not afford to lose. Thx



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