Reader: Rubio urges right to cool down on immigration, Public sours on Occupy Wall Street, Geron stops trials on embryos

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On immigration, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, urges conservatives to tone down harsh rhetoric.

As Obamacare heads to the Supreme Court, more Americans favor full repeal than those who favor keeping it in place.

Not quite at 99%. Only 33% of Americans say they are supportive of the goals of Occupy Wall Street.

LIFE’s 1965 cover featuring photo of a child in the womb makes list of 75 Best LIFE covers.

The Postal Service announces $5 billion annual loss.

Geron, the California company that got FDA approval for human trials with cells derived from embryonic stem cells has decided to shut down the trial and leave embryonic stem cells behind.

The USCCB website moved Bishop Lori’s religious liberty speech after I linked to it. Here’s an updated link.

U.S. Bishops approve feast for Blessed John Paul II for October 22.



  • Joe M

    Heh. We are the 33%!

  • Andy Kirchoff

    The article about Rubio is very good because it mentions how Rubio has been part of the problem since he decided to run for Senate in 2010. I want the “old Rubio” back. He was great as a State Senator, but has been decidedly NOT great since becoming a US Senator. Seeing him go all Dick Durbin on the pro-immigrant crowd (Durbin was once head of Illinois Right to Life, only to change his allegiance when he decided he wanted to be a US Senator) has been a sad sight to behold.

  • Nathan

    Good for Sen. Rubio, because 1) it’s simply the right thing to do, and 2) the GOP will be in serious electoral trouble in the future if it continues to alienate Hispanics. Interestingly, though, the LA Times yesterday had an article on how fewer people from Mexico are coming to the country and those who have gotten here are going home. Either way, a little bit of compassion for those seeking a better life wouldn’t hurt.



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