Reader: Support drops for death penalty, Christie cuts off Jersey Shore, New group defends marriage advocates

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I consider this good news: Support for the death penalty has dropped to a 20-year low, according to a CBS/New York Times poll. In October 1988, when death penalty became a major issue in the Bush/Dukakis presidential race, 78% of Americans supported the death penalty. The number is now at 60%. Opposition grew from 14 to 27%.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blocked $400,000 in tax credits to the film company that produces “Jersey Shore.” MTV says the decision to axe the credit will have no affect on whether the show is aired. Hmm. That means I can’t thank Christie for killing the show, but I guess this proves that the producers of Jersey Shore don’t need that tax credit after all.

Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage, is jumpstarting a new project called the Marriage Anti-Defamation League to protect and defend those person who are threatened for speaking up for one-man and one-woman marriage. She spoke with CV Blogger Kathryn Lopez over at National Review.

Other articles of interest:

Get Religion has a nice interview with Catholic blogger Rocco Palmo.

Obama adviser David Axelrod tells the Boston Globe that the President’s reelection will be a “titanic struggle.” Wow. Not the best analogy to use, right?

Obamacare might head to the Supreme Court before the 2012 elections.



  • Davide

    Good morning..the other day i heard Maggie G. was resigning from NOM. Anyways good news on the new endeaver

  • Sally Kerns

    The death penalty at an all time low. You can thank liberals for that. Goodness knows that Republicans totally support it. Regarding the Christie blocking tax credits, shouldnt this be something a true red republican should not be supporting? This actually makes it seem as if corporations or very profitable business can still operate and pay more in taxes. Oh no! How could you let that cat out of the bag?

    • Joe M

      Sally Kerns. A lot of liberals support the death penalty and a lot of conservatives oppose it.

  • Greg Smith

    Dear Joshua ~ The question I have for Kathryn and Maggie is this: If a lay teacher in a Catholic school write a book, article, blog etc. advocating for gay marriage should the school have the right to fire her for that reason alone? FYI – This actually happened to a friend of ours. Pax Tecum (properly spelled!) Greg

    • Joe M

      Catholic schools are paid to teach Catholic values. Cisco is paid for consumer electronics.

  • Tom Crowe

    Yeah, the Titanic was actually a really good ship with a lot going for it but had a couple fatal flaws and was piloted poorly. The O admin is pretty much flawed from the word “go” with pretty much no redeeming qualities, so really it’s not fair to the Titanic to tie the two together…



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