Reader: Supremes to hear Obamacare, Congressmen make money on insider trading, Siena cancels anti-Catholic speaker

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Hooray! Supreme Court to hear challenge to Obamacare.

Everyone in the political world is talking about this explosive 60 Minutes story about Congressmen making money on insider trading. The corruption will make your blood boil.

Jay Newton-Small of TIME magazine says there are five reasons why Rick Perry will survive for now.

Kudos to the Cardinal Newman Society! Siena College cancels anti-Catholic speaker after the watchdog group called out the college.

From the U.S. Bishops’ General Assembly: Religious freedom surfaces as a key issue.

New CNN poll shows Herman Cain dropped from 25% to 14%, now in 3rd. Mitt Romney on top at 24%, Newt Gingrich jumps from 8% in October to 22%.

Bishop William Lori of Bridgeport, Conn.: “Make no mistake…  aggressive secularism is also a system of belief.”



  • Michael F

    Is there a link for Bishop Lori’s quote?



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