Reader: Tea Party infuses GOP with minorities, Bachmann’s NH staff quits, Obama signs free trade deals

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The National Journal, a political news magazine that is not conservative, noted that the Tea Party has infused the Grand Old Party with lots of minority candidates like Marco Rubio, Allen West, and Herman Cain. But the Journal noted: “The biggest roadblocks to these challengers often were within their own party.” They noted that Republican insiders in Washington (known as the Establishment) often side with candidates deemed “more electable” like Charlie Crist rather than Marco Rubio. Right now the more moderate establishment-backed candidate in the Texas Senate race is Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Just like the Rubio-Crist race, conservatives and Tea Party activists are supporting the more conservative challenger, who like Rubio, is Latino. That man is Texas Attorney General Ted Cruz. “Republicans always had a message that was going to appeal to a certain group of these minorities,” said former Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va. “The problem is, they didn’t have the right messengers.” The National Journal noted: Thanks to the rise of the tea party, the GOP may have found those messengers.

Michele Bachmann’s campaign in New Hampshire had some staffing issues today: They all decided to quit. WWUR-TV in Manchester, N.H., is reporting that the entire New Hampshire staff for Michele Bachmann has quit due to “deep frustration with the campaign’s lack of commitment to New Hampshire.”

President Obama signed into law trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Columbia. For many years President Bush pressed the Democratic Congress to send the bills to his desk, but Democrats refused to do so because of their ties to organized labor. The bills found new life when Republicans took back the House this January. Though Democrats control the Senate, enough of them supported the measures to get them passed. The free trade agreements will likely give the economy a boost but that might come too late for Obama.

Other articles of interest:

After passage of New York’s same-sex “marriage” law, gay activists in the Empire State have mounting doubts of pursing the institution of marriage at all.

A Maryland man nearly starved to death like Terri Schiavo is now responsive.

Protesters allied with Occupy Wall Street force London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral (Anglican) to close for 1st time since WWII.



  • Rev. Colin Stevens

    Small potatoes in light of the weight of the rest of this column, but Pres. Obama likely signed a trade agreement with Colombia not Columbia.

    It’s a common spelling mistake but one which actually is significant. Colombia is a country in South America. Columbia is a poetic name and often the female personification of the United States.

  • Jordan

    Once again, what does it prove that some same sex couples don’t want to get married? My best friend (a straight woman) doesn’t want to get married either, she sees it as a tired institution where women are enslaved to a man. Her belief doesn’t affect my belief that marriage is important. I don’t go around writing articles about straight people having mounting doubts about marriage because one straight woman doesn’t believe in it. It seems like these types of articles are little more than an attempt to seed animosity against gay people. I can see the INTENDED discussion “I read on CV that gay activists don’t even want marriage, so they passed that law and no gay people are going to get married, so they only did it to destroy marriage for us”. Is that the intention? It sure seems like it.



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