Reader: WI Gov says it’s a Christmas tree, NARAL offers Obama reelection advice, Thompson hedges on stem cells

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says it’s not a ‘holiday’ tree, it’s a Christmas tree. His spokesman Cullen Werwie confirmed to the AP that the designation and change from past practices was intentional. “It’s a Christmas tree,” Werwie said. “In all honesty, I don’t know what more to say about it.” Well, nothing more needs to be said!

Now that he’s running for the Senate seat in Wisconsin, former U.S. Health Secretary Tommy Thompson starts distancing himself from past support for embryonic destructive research. Or is he?

Supreme Court Justices will meet today to consider hearing constitutional challenge to Obamacare this term.

Regarding religious liberty, Maryland Catholic Conference director says, “It’s time to be vigilant.”

NARAL says Obama can win back ‘defectors’ by promoting abortion. (Shows that the economy won’t be the only issue in the campaign).

Tim Carney says Herman Cain showed lack of judgment, prudence in inviting women to evening dinners.

Happy 236th anniversary to the United States Marine Corps. No need for a link. Just thanking all, including my father-in-law, who have served or are serving in the Corps.




    Dear Joshua ~ Semper Fi! Greg



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