Really? Notre Dame Claims Board Member Didn’t Know Emily’s List Was Pro-Abortion, After Donating $30K To It

Talk about digging a hole for yourself. This is what the office of the President at Notre Dame is sending in response to people asking about why Roxanne Martino was invited to sit on their board:

Ms. Martino (along with her husband, Rocco) is a Notre Dame graduate, and she is fully supportive of Church teaching on the sanctity of life.

She has through the years contributed to organizations that provide a wide range of important services and support to women. She did not realize, however, that several of these organizations also take a pro-choice position.

This is not her personal position, and she will now review all of her contributions to ensure that she does not again inadvertently support these kinds of activities in the future.

I’m glad that M(r)s. Martino is “fully supportive of Church teaching on the sanctity of life.” I am.

But the idea that EMILY’s List provides “a wide range of important services and support to women” is, to be blunt, baloney (and I don’t mean “baloney”).

Furthermore, the idea that Mrs. Martino has been donating to Emily’s List for twelve years – right up until last year – normally to the tune of $5,000 (the legal max amount, coincidentally, for designated donations to candidate campaigns – and Emily’s List ONLY endorses pro-abortion candidates) for a total of almost $30,000, without EVER realizing what Emily’s List PROUDLY does … that idea also beggars serious doubt.

Finally – and this is my real point – when committed, Catholic, pro-life people come to a Catholic university and, knowing all these facts in the public record, ask for an explanation, they deserve a forthright answer and an apology – not a snow job.

Notre Dame never seems to miss an opportunity to strain its already tenuous relationship with Catholics of principle and passion. My patience with their current leadership has about snapped.



  • Jason

    Notre Dame is a disgrace. They want to wallow in the erroneous, worldy currents? Fine. Unfortunate, but fine. There are plenty genuinely Catholic schools out there (my daughter attends one of them).

    What galls me is that they have the audacity to bear the name of Our Lady. To me that is an abomination and a slur against the Blessed Mother.

    Have the guts to formally renounce your Catholic identity, call yourselves the University of South Bend or some such, and call it a day. Either that or get yourselves back in line, completely, with the teachings of Holy Mother Church. Publicly renounce your errors as an institution. Beg Christ’s forgiveness for insulting His Holy Mother. And begin a university wide program of penance.

  • Tommy R

    Apparently EMILY’s List is out there misrepresenting themselves to potential donors. Hiding their pro-abortion agenda to good Catholics…shame on them.

    An investigation is in order.

  • Gabriel Austin

    Why is anyone surprised at the acts of the administration of Notre Dame? Father Hesburgh wanted to “grow” it [an intransitive verb] to be a large [but not better] university. For this he took money from such as the population limiting Rockefeller Foundation whose board he joined. Meanwhile he almost lost the university’s accreditation for his neglect of the library.

    Father Jenkins is simply carrying on in the Hesburgh tradition of ignoring the local bishop [“what can a bishop know?”] and fuzzing the teachings of the Church. Let’s be serious; we’re talking about money.

    • Francis

      Talk about “fuzzing” – what the heck are you talking about regarding the library? Fr. Hesburgh made that school the prestigious university that it is. He’s the one who raised the admission standards. He’s the one who raised the standards for the faculty. He’s the one who expanded the facilities and had that library built.

  • Ed G

    Why don’t you people get off of your crying about Notre Dame. Man this is getting old.

  • Peco

    I am so sick and tired of these so-called Catholics thinking that everyone is so devoid of common sense that they will continually buy into their lame, bogus, disingenuous, explanations. I resent their pompous, arrogant attitudes. I will do everything I can, at every opportunity I have, to expose Notre Dame for what they have become. The REAL Catholic colleges that have sprung up (or reformed) over the past 30 or so years (FU Steubenville, Christendom, Thomas Aquinas, U Dallas, Benedictine, Ave maria, Belmont Abbey, Wyoming Catholic College, and a few others) will continue to grow and will stand in stark contrast to the fraudulent “Catholic” colleges and universities that have done and continue to do so much harm to so many thousands of young Catholics and have scandalized so many more.

    • Ed G

      Go ahead and knock yourself out. You and no one else can bring Notre Dame down.Talk about sick and tired.



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