Red November Linkfest

It’s election day! Have you voted yet?

Have you reminded your papist friends to do so as well?

It’s a brisk morning here in Washington, DC. This evening will be stacked with election return-watching festivities, and today is packed with last-minute writing.

Here are a handful of links I haven’t gotten a chance to post yet today, which have relevance to the topic of the Catholic Vote:

1. Video: Cardinal-designate Burke on Abortion and Voting

2.’s video series on Catholic Citizenship

3. Deacon Keith Fournier: “Time for US Catholics to Vote and Build a Truly Free and Good Society

4. AirMaria Video: Bishop Bruskewitz on Voting and Heresy

5. Aggie Catholics: An Open Letter to Politicians

6. My submission to the Washington Post’s “On Faith” panel answering the question, “Is voting a religious act or purely political?

7. Special Bonus: An election-themed political cartoon by my brother, Charles Peters:



One thought on “Red November Linkfest

  1. J.H.A says:

    Papist dude,
    Just for the record, how many Papist kids are there in you family?

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