Reflections on Party in the M.I.A.

And by “reflections” I mean “random musings” appropriate only on a Friday.

Party in the M.I.A.

If you watch the video, you’ll see a very cheesy adaption of a Miley Cyrus song made in celebration of the Saints’ success and run to the Superbowl.

If you are from Louisiana, you don’t need a reason for me to post this and in fact have probably seen the video and heard it on the radio and chanted “WHO DAT” (which the NFL is trying to claim trademark of-good luck). Otherwise you might be wondering whether or not I posted this merely to tease Joshua over the fact that my noble Saints beat his pillaging Vikings, which would make me a jerk.

Well, that’s not my point here. You see, when I showed this video to my wife in the afterglow of watching the beautiful 40 yard Garrett Hartley field goal send the Saints into the Superbowl and hell into a freeze warning, my wife’s only comment was “wow, this really shows that anyone can sing like her.”

She has a point. We have a culture in which most of the artist class has no talent and no originality, but this isn’t merely confined to artists. Look at our politicians. Politicians are rewarded when they toe the line-when they conform to the party interests and do not vote out of a separate conscience or idea.

In a day when we see votes in Congress being absurdly predictable, I wonder how much we as voters (in primaries especially) vote not on originality but on conformity. Considering the need for complex solutions, party thinking is unlikely to net successful results yet we consist support that kind of thinking.

That’s one of the things I like about Catholic politics: it doesn’t conform to anything except a deep appreciation of the love of Christ and the dignity of the human person. Indeed, we should be careful to make sure our own politics reflect that, so that we too are an original and not merely another conforming voice that happens to be Catholic in our respective parties.

In doing this we will avoid sin so that when we die, we will be in that number when the Saints go marching in.

Ok, NOW I'm jerk ;)

Ok, NOW I'm jerk ;)



  • Joshua Mercer

    You know, I had the perfect response to you! But like Favre, I fumbled it.



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