Religion: Blocked by your web browser?

A friend of mine sent me this screenshot from his travels:

Seriously … are we China?



8 thoughts on “Religion: Blocked by your web browser?

  1. Jacob says:

    Hi Tomas, this one is not block in China, Hehe.

  2. Lisa says:

    Was he on a work computer? I know my husband has issues accessing some things from his office’s network, and I did also when I taught at a local public school. It might be time to complain to the administrator!

  3. Angele says:

    Where was your friend when this happened?

  4. laddybug3 says:

    Doesn’t that go against freedom of speech and freedom of religion? I think there should be a group of people with different religions coming together.

    1. wowzers says:

      It was the “network administrator” not the federal government that blocked the site.

    2. cindy says:

      Thomas blocks comments all the time. Does that concern you with regard to freedom of speech? How pathetic!

      1. Joshua Mercer says:

        Let’s be fair here. I delete lots of inappropriate comments, too.

        1. Louis M says:

          This is the standard screen from a sonicwall firewall. Businesses regularly use them to block access to a number of sites. It’s not an attack on religion. The firewall probably also blocked access to porn sites, shopping sites, social media, wine, etc. This keeps the desk jockeys at their computers doing what they are paid to do, rather than allowinh them to spend company time browsing sites like

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