Religious Tolerance for Thee, Not for Me

Remind me again, in which type of country does an entire swath of people live in fear of persecution or even death due to their religious beliefs? Western nations? Or other ones?

Well there’s this…

Juan Pablo Pino, 24, who plays with the Al Nasr Soccer Club in Saudi Arabia, was wearing a sleeveless shirt while out with his pregnant wife at a mall in the capital city of Riyadh.

Locals who saw the tattoo [of Christ on his shoulder] began insulting him, which drew the attention of the officers from a group known as the Police Force for the Promotion of Virtue of the Prevention of Vice, who detained the couple

[Gustavo Costas, an Argentinian who coaches the al Nasr club] recalled that while he was in Lima, he made the sign of the cross before every game and wore a rosary around his neck. Now in Saudi Arabia, he said, “I can’t do it. I do it before heading out to the field, in the locker room. If I sign myself, they’ll kill me or stone me,” Costas said.

Oh, right. I almost forgot.

I am happy that no one lives in that kind of fear in this country or in any Western country. I do wish we had leaders who would boldly promote that fact as a counter-example to stuff such as this.

If we operated like that, the folks who sought to have sharia law considered valid for use in our courts would have been dragged out into the street and stoned. Instead we resist such efforts on constitutional and historical grounds. You know: non-violent, and rooted in our governmental documents and founding philosophies.



  • Sandra Gray

    Sent the 2 comments of the footballers to a married guy who used to live in Ireland for a few months and is now back in Saudi Arabia, he experienced this hostility in Northern Ireland but not quite as bad, and asked him did he enjoy it while in Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland is under England and very bigoted dont like anyone who is not a Prodestant) and to reflect on other peoples rights while in Saudia Arabia, we had many religious conversations regards Moslem and Catholic Church, they dont know anything about Christianity out there, my friend asked me what about “Mrs Pope” I looked at him as I thought he was winding me up but no pure ignorance, so one night I gave him a lesson on the Catholic religion and practises plus an overview of our brethren who do there own thing the Prodestants.

  • Davide

    Tom- what if us Christians in America or other Western nations do see these same things happening to us? Is it crazy to think it could? The Russians thought it was crazy prior to 1917, look what happen to them. People might think we have the Constition to protect us. Does the Constition protect the yet to be born child? Right now we are being persecuted sanction by our Federal government and a few state governments. Sure they aint removing our heads and kicking themaround like soccer balls, but did anyone in America 60 years ago ever dream a defenseless baby would be torn to shreds and brutally removed from its mother womb? Any country who sanctions such things surely could care less about religious freedoms. Every evil in Westerm Civilization is directly tied into abortion.

  • tz1

    Tell that to the branch davidians – at least the remnant who weren’t incinerated by Janet Reno and the FBI in Waco, TX in the early 1990’s.

    Or Terri Schiavo or the forced exit victims in Europe.

    When yoou meet the 40+ million slaughtered in abortion at the bema seat, you can explain to them that the west is more civilized.

  • Andy Kirchoff

    While I certainly abhor the blatant attacks on religious freedom such as the one mentioned in this article, the proposed “ban on sharia” in Oklahoma is an attack on religious freedom, not a protection of it. Imagine if Massachusetts tried to ban canon law (which, actually, has “sort-of” happened in the recent attacks on the seal of confession in left-leaning states). I’d imagine CatholicVote would be on the front lines, fighting against such an evil law. These “anti-sharia” laws operate from the same principle” a prejudice of a religious group. Sharia DOES NOT equal genital mutilation, honor killings and the like intrinsically, anymore than the Westboro Baptist Church’s protests make the Bible a dangerous book that needs to be banned.



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