Remembering September 11

The sobering memorials marking the tenth anniversary of September 11th will fill our televisions this weekend. A very humble and Christ-filled Protestant friend sent me this video today that is worth spending the 15 minutes to watch. The film is expected to be played in many Protestant Churches across the country this Sunday. Catholics can watch it on YouTube!



3 thoughts on “Remembering September 11

  1. Leo McDowell says:

    When this post originally came up in my google reader window, there was a video attached. I wonder what happened to it. I planned to come back and watch it later. Now it looks like it is lost.

  2. tz1 says:

    For some reason I see no link or location for the video, and there isn’t a whole lot to search on.

  3. Francis says:

    Brian: Is there a link or something? Because I’m not seeing it. Thanks.

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