Rep. Dan Lipinski among those rumored for Vatican ambassador

First, a little history. After all, it was on this day in 1984, that the Holy See and the United States re-established diplomatic ties after a 117-year break. (And it’s a good thing, too, because President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II worked together to bring down Communism).

In Obama’s first term, Miguel Diaz served as Ambassador to the Vatican. But he resigned in November to accept a position as professor of faith and culture at the University of Dayton.

So, that has Vatican insiders buzzing about possible replacements. Sadly, Obama apologists Stephen Schneck and Nicolas Cafardi are both being batted around as top potential picks. It’s possible that the Vatican would but the quiet kibosh on either of these picks, though.

John Allen reports that another candidate is also being considered.

Further into the realm of the hypothetical, some observers have suggested that Obama could turn to one of the pro-life Democrats in Congress, such as Dan Lipinski of Illinois’ third district. Lipinski is co-chair of the Pro-Life Caucus and a co-sponsor of the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.” He’s met with Vatican officials in the past, and they have come away impressed. (Solidifying his Catholic credentials, Lipinski also taught briefly at the University of Notre Dame from 2000 to 2001.)

Unlike Bart Stupak, Lipinski held firm and refused to vote for Obamacare because of a lack of strict prohibitions against abortion funding. Lipinski is a sincere pro-life Catholic and has the pro-life voting record to prove it. That’s also why he’s a CatholicVote-endorsed candidate. Dan Lipinski would make a great Ambassador to the Holy See.



  • Andy Kirchoff

    As a constituent of Congressman Lipinski, all I can say is that while I’m truly thrilled that my Congressman could be the next Ambassador to the Vatican (he deserves nothing less), I’d rather have him stick around DC as my representative. Rep. Dan Lipinski has been a truly independent voice in Congress, and I’m genuinely proud to have voted for him in past elections. His departure would likely mean the appointment and subsequent election of some pro-choice, fiscally irresponsible Obama rubber stamp as my congressional representative! No thanks!

  • Patrick DeVito

    Dan Lipinski used to be my Congressman until the Illinois Assembly gerrymandered him away from my district. He is excellent and would be a fantastic Ambassador, but part of me thinks that’s “all part of the plan.” If they put one of the few excellent Catholic Democrats in that post it’s one less nuisance for the Party in D.C. Maybe I’ve become too cynical?

    • Grisha357

      Patrick ~ hardly a plan. Compared to other ambassadorships
      this one’s constrained by all kind of things. The candidate has to be a
      Catholic, but not too liberal a Catholic, acceptable to the Vatican, has to
      have gravitas so the Vatican will respect him or her, needs to be able to
      articulate the administration’s foreign policy etc. Maybe the best answer
      is to appoint a very senior and respected Catholic career diplomat ~ Pax, Greg

    • Matthew C. Masotti

      Yes…the history of Obama’s Chicago-style appointee process suggests to me that Lipinski is being tempted with the position so as to neutralize him politically. If he accepts the offer, the Democratic Party loses one of it’s few elected voices of sanity. On the other hand, Lipinski may feel that it’s time to cuts his losses—too beleaguered to be an effective legislator as a Democrat. I’d rather he stay a Congressman. I still have hope for change within the Democratic Party.



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