Replace a pro-abortion Catholic Democrat with a pro-abortion Catholic Republican? No thanks!

Gov. Christine Gregoire and Atty. Gen. Rob McKenna

Some good news and some very bad news from the Pacific Northwest. Democrat Christine Gregoire won’t seek a third term as Governor of Washington. She was “elected” in 2004 by 129 votes, though, I remain convinced that she stole the election from pro-life Catholic Dino Rossi by having hundreds of felon votes count. She was a strident supporter of legal abortion despite professing the Catholic faith. She was a favored candidate of the militant pro-abortion Emily’s List (which only supports pro-abortion women running for office.)

But next year’s race for governor might see two supporters of abortion!

Attorney General Rob McKenna, a Republican, is considered a strong favorite to win the Republican nomination and he has an early edge in polling against the likely Democratic nominee, Rep. Jay Inslee.

However, Rob McKenna is also a supporter of abortion who professes to be Catholic. In his 2008 race for re-election as attorney general, McKenna said: “I am pro-choice, and I’m on the record as being pro-choice.”

We face the prospect of replacing pro-abortion Catholic Democrat Christine Gregoire with pro-abortion Catholic Republican Rob McKenna.

Republicans in the Evergreen State need to realize that they will lose the Catholic vote if they nominate a pro-abortion Catholic at the top of their ticket next November.

HT: Life of the Party



  • Kelly Kafir

    If people would only have the courage to vote their conscience in the primary for a PRO-LIFE candidate like Shahram Hadian (yes, that IS an Iranian name but he is a legal US citizen AND a Christian pastor) then we just might see a real change for the better in our state. He doesn’t say he can overturn Roe v. Wade but he WILL
    – veto any budget that has funding for Planned (un)Parenthood
    – he will invoke the 10th amendment and NOT implement Obamacare
    – will appoint new people to the pharmacy board who will NOT go after pharmacies who choose NOT to sell the morning after pill for religious reasons (like the Storman’s in Olympia)

    If you are a true Catholic, I don’t see how there is any other choice than HADIAN for Governor!!



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