Update: Madonna NOT ditching Kabbalah for Opus Dei

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t last long.

Still, I’m keeping her in my prayers.


The doors to the meeting were no doubt guarded by a group of albino assassin monks:

FOR the past 15 years, she has been Kabbalah’s most high profile and dedicated follower.

But now Madonna has apparently ditched the controversial faith and taken up with Opus Dei – the secretive Catholic sect made famous in The Da Vinci Code.

The singer is said to be intrigued by the organisation and spent Friday with priests from the centre’s London HQ.

The move follows her alleged falling out with some Kabbalah leaders after reports that cash raised for her Malawi charity was squandered. Last night a source claimed: “She has invested so much into Kabbalah so she was devastated by these damning accusations.

“She has started exploring different religions. Madonna has always been intrigued by Opus Dei. As yet, she’s not a fully paid-up member – she’s just had informal chats.”

A few things: first, I have no idea what it means to be a “fully paid-up member” of Opus Dei. Confession is free, last time I checked. (I just checked again – still free.)

Second: take this “news” with a big heap of salt. After all, this is being reported by the British tabloids – not exactly the golden standard of truth.

Third: … where to start? Madonna has a conflicted past with her Catholic faith (to put it mildly). When asked about her album “Like a Prayer” she responded:

“The theme of Catholicism runs rampant through my album […] It’s me struggling with the mystery and magic that surrounds it. My own Catholicism is in constant upheaval. When I left home at 17 and went to New York, which is the city with the most sinners, I renounced the traditional meaning of Catholicism in terms of how I would live my life. But I never stopped feeling the guilt and shame that are ingrained in you if you are brought up Catholic.

She’s also admitted to “really wanting” to become a nun when she was very young.

Of course, since then she’s made a habit of incorporating blasphemous imagery, etc. into her music tours. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few dozen other stunts she’s pulled mocking the Catholic faith.

That said, grace works in mysterious ways (to quote Bono, while we’re talking music). And I, for one, will be praying that Madonna’s relationship with Opus Dei and the Catholic Church moves beyond “informal chats.”



  • Geneva Street

    Madonna might be interested in Opus Dei but I am doubting they are interested in her.

    Out of 100 souls, Opus Dei is interested in 100.

  • Paula HC

    I pray that she meets with a modern day St. Ignatius, get rid of some of that “guilt” she speaks of by meeting Jesus in some spiritual exercises based in Truth.

  • realitycheck

    Wow….. I’m with the guy that can think clearly here about the British tabloids not always speaking the truth…. And as for the rest of you, No one knows her and if this as any truth to it and all you you speak from some holier than thou place. Pray for her because she is a human just like the rest of us… She is in no need of saving which is seriously implicated with the majority of these comments and the way most of you come off is seriously revolting. Catholicism is messed up. I speak from experience.

    “I certainly hope that Madonna’s interest in Opus Dei leads to a change of heart and her return to the Church.” “Madonna needs our prayers. Maybe she will have a “Road to Damascus” conversion one day.”

    “I wonder what this is all about. Is this another case of Madonna reinventing her image for an upcoming album/tour?”
    —most probable. (And she’s none the less of any of you for doing so)

  • Michelle

    Hmmm… interesting. Then again, Madonna has always been a person of extremes. So, seems natural that she would swing to the more conservative side of the Church. Not to say that conservative is bad. I know many great members of Opus Dei and they do great work in helping their members find sanctity in the midst of their everyday lives. It is a great message – the one that we are all called to holiness. She can still be a singer and a rock star and make it to heaven, just as long as she *modifies* her future songs to be in line with virtue and charity.

    What they refer to as a “a paid up” member is that when you are a member of Opus Dei part of your commitment as a member is to financially support, in whatever way you can, the organization, with monthly contributions. Just like we as Catholics are encourage to be stewards and tithe 10% of our income to the Church (8% going to your parish and the other 2% being discretionary to whatever cause you choose to support). Nothing novel.

    If she does make the leap of faith and return Home via the apostolate of Opus Dei then I would consider this a “samaritan woman at the wel” type of version. Either way, there is rejoicing in Heaven everytime anyone comes Home. Let’s pray this Lent may be a time of conversion for her and she embrace her faith again. Who knows, maybe her deceased grandmother is interceeding for her at this moment!

  • ALC

    This may be a tabloid but I wouldn’t throw it out just yet. I use to work for one of the men that was mentioned in the article who was kicked off the board of her charity. The article says that it was because the funds raised were being funneled into the Kaballah Center in LA rather than building the school that she raised the money for. I’m sure this part is true as I saw how he took money from his clients all the time and gave it to the Kaballah Center. Kaballah is a cult and that man and all the other “leaders” are evil and take money from people all the time. Working for him was a battle in spiritual warfare daily. It wouldn’t suprise me in the least if Madonna was upset after finding this out and left. As for the Opus Dei part…well I for one hope it’s true. I believe that if one is truly seeking God they will eventually end up in the Catholic Church. And Madonna strikes me as one who really is seeking. She certainly has issues with the Church but I don’t believe that God would not give her a chance to come home. That would be an AMAZING conversion. I’ll be praying her!

  • Davide

    For the record Opus Dei is a wonderful and not so secret organization. They are an organization that is faithful to Christ–Mr. Peters I am shocked to see if you are cutting down this organization. I certainly hope not! Madonna might be interested in Opus Dei but I am doubting they are interested in her.

    • Thomas Peters

      Davide – I love Opus Dei. Sorry if my humor came across as making fun.

      • Davide

        No Mr.peters I misunderstood. You have dry humor? Si? My younger brother Julian also dry humor. Most people do not know he joking or telling truth–I happen to think it’s hilarious..-anyways— A few months back I ran a post on Opus Dei and some of my Catholic friends cut this organization to bits because of ignorance and Dan Brown movies. So Mr. Peters no harm–all is well

        • Thomas Peters

          I have very close friends in Opus Dei and think they do amazing work. I figured this post was already unusual enough to warrant having a bit of fun. :)

          Appreciate your contributions to these comment threads, sir!



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