RIP, Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

Last night Christopher Hitchens, atheist, went to meet his Maker.

I, and other Christians have been praying for Christopher for 532 days. Terry Mattingly interviewed me about my prayer campaign for Hitchens here.

This weekend I’ll say a rosary for the repose of his soul.

I can’t say it better than Daniel Foster: “I’m sure I join many in hoping he is in for a glorious, glorious surprise.”

Rest in the peace of Christ, Chris.



  • aedill

    Sad to see so much conflict on this post as well as others. Come on, brothers and sisters, there is no need for anything of this nonsense. If we’re struggling to love even our brothers and sisters, how then are we going to love our enemies?

  • Mack

    No matter how good his writing was, or how articulate he was, Mr Hitchens was fundamentally wrong about the most important matter: the existence of God. The fact that God exists can be shown by the light of reason, even without divine revelation. Mr Hitchens’ mind, however sharp it may have been, failed to see this most basic truth. God’s existence is independent of our faith and also of people’s unbelief. I hope Mr Hitchens repented at the final moment and was saved. Nonetheless, he did an immense amount of harm by promoting atheism through his talks and writing. I also pray that the people who were misled by him will come to faith.

  • PhilSFO

    We Franciscans pray for the conversion of all men and women to faith in Jesus Christ and for the repose of the souls of all those who die. Our seraphic father Francis of Assisi did this because Jesus through His Church urged him to do it. And we Franciscans, ordained, consecrated, and seculars, do it, now for over 800 years, as followers of Jesus Christ and St. Francis. In the language of the Church it is called a spiritual work of mercy. Each Christian, as sharers in Christ’s love through our baptism, should yearn with Him for the salvation of all men and women.



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