Rules for Role Models

Now that Anthony Weiner has admitted he lied when he denied he sent a graphic tweet, some advice on preventing the next scandal.



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  • mab


    The advice given from the congressional spouse should be given to any working spouse, husband or wife. My husband worked for Santorum for some time and was always impressed how much time he spent with his family. It was extremely obvious to all who worked for him where his priorities laid. There are still a few good men and women out there!

  • Whitney

    Yet another Democrat politician shows that he is completely devoid of morality and intelligence. This is nothing new – they are all like this, to the last person. They do not respect life, marriage, God, or god-fearing people, and will do everything in their power to make immorality and radical atheism the norm. By not resigning, Anthony Weiner is sending a powerful message to his liberal followers: you, too, can act in this manner and have no consequences to deal with whatsoever. Anyone who votes for a Democrat, in any capacity, is a sinner and a fool.

    • Bruce

      Whitney, this is over-the-top. You cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, claim that everyone who votes for a Democrat is a sinner. That is not the Church’s position, nor is it even correct. You know nothing of intention, awareness, etc…it is so hyperbolic it is not even worth the time to dismiss. I don’t care for the bulk of the DNC’s platform, but your take goes too far.

    • Greg Smith

      Dear Whitney,~ What do you mean no consequences? If he’s very, very lucky his wife won’t leave him and he’ll just be on probation with her till death do they part. He can serve out the rest of the term but has as much chance of re-election as I do of becoming the next pope. What else can he do? He’s a lawyer, but given his terrible judgement, who is going to hire him? As for anyone who votes for a Democrat being a sinner, you are correct. Keep in mind, however, that according to our Christian beliefs, so is anyone who votes for a Republican,or for that matter, you and me and in fact all fallable humans. ~ Pax tucem ~ Greg

  • Bruce

    Better advice would be to never trust a man who shaves his chest.

  • Davide

    A politician as a role model? You have better luck scavenging through a trash dumpster finding treasure. Crudely I admit “weinergate” is hilarious considering the circumstances.



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