Ryan vows contraception mandate ‘Will be gone’ on ‘Day 1′

Paul Ryan is putting his Catholic beliefs front and center as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Ryan has been campaigning around the country and the question of his Catholic faith is sometimes a topic that the media likes to confront him with,  in light of the fact Vice President Joe Biden is also Catholic. So as the Vice Presidential Debate on October 11th approaches, questions concerning the shared Catholic faith of Ryan and Biden are coming more frequently.

On Saturday during a campaign stop, Ryan was explicitly asked about whether he will confront Biden on his seemingly incompatible politics stances and his Catholic faith. He answered by talking about the HHS Mandate, vowing to remove it on “Day 1.” The AP report details his answer:

Ryan promised at a town hall meeting in Orlando that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney would reverse the contraception mandate on “Day 1″ if he is elected president. The mandate requiring all insurance plans to include access to contraception was part of Obama’s health care overhaul.

Ryan’s comments came in a response to a woman’s question about whether he would ask Vice President Joe Biden in a debate how he reconciles his views as a Roman Catholic with the Democratic Party platform.

Both Ryan and Biden are Catholic.

“It will be gone. I can guarantee you that,” Ryan told the crowd of 2,200 supporters in an arena at the University of Central Florida.

Back in February, Ryan released a statement calling the mandate an “affront to religious liberty.” He put out a statement saying,

While I am a pro-life Catholic, I believe this mandate transcends the issue of personal religious beliefs about contraception, sterilization and abortion. The Obama Administration failed to recognize this mandate is in violation of our First Amendment right of religious freedom.

The President’s policy continues to contradict the core principles of our nation. His decision disrespects not only the religious community, but it also disrespects the Constitution. By treating our rights as revocable privileges from our government, instead of inalienable gifts from our Creator, the President has put his personal political philosophies above the principles upon which this nation was founded. I will continue to monitor this issue closely and will work to see that this policy is reversed.

Ryan has been unapologetic about having his Catholic faith animate his policies even before being selected as the Vice Presidential nominee. His defense of the faith continues even in the national spotlight. While some Catholics have questioned supporting Romney because of alleged uncertainty of where his administration would stand on issues important to Catholics, it is clear Romney’s choice of Ryan as VP eases that consternation. The fact that Ryan has declared that the HHS Mandate, a prime target for Catholics in this election, would be gone on ‘Day 1′ should be a good indication of how Ryan will influence and guide the administration.

A second clear indication of how Ryan’s faith impacts his decisions will be highlighted during the VP debate on October 11th. There we will most likely see two very different interpretations of Catholic teaching in action.


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  • Mara

    I still suspect that Obama will also drop this mandate before the election. A majority of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, are against it.

  • Serena

    Go Ryan! I can hardly wait for the debates myself.

  • Pogo Sez

    Ryan also stated that he will cut veterans’ benefits by 24%. But let’s face it, the best he can do, and since he’s quite so stupid as to not hedge his bets, is to get reelected to Congress. And he may not even pull that off. But keep making condoms your big issue in this election. Uh, hey, Pogo . . . .

    • abadilla

      “and since he’s quite so stupid.” Insults won’t get you anywhere. To say Ryan is stupid is beyond the pale and not true at all since he has an intellect most of us would like to have.

  • anonymous

    your post is very difficult to read. try not to write in passive voice. try not to switch tenses from sentence to sentence. many of your sentences have verbs with no apparent subject. you point is quite simple, and i agree. don’t muddle your message by trying to sound fancy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamiewardme Jamie Candace Ward

    Since the “mandate” is part of a law, an act of Congress, and upheld by the Supreme Court, it would be quite impossible for it to go away “on day one”. Once again, this is just a politician, telling people what they want to hear. The reality is that neither Romney or Ryan can change that reality. Similarly, electing Romney or Ryan will also not make abortion illegal.

    • John

      Jamie, the level of coverage is not law. The law component is “Obamacare”. This gives HHS the responsibility to mandate what coverage is “necessary”. There is nothing in the law passed by Congress requiring all insurance plans to have contraception free of charge (to the user…nothing is free). Otherwise, it never would have passed. As far as I know this particular mandate was not part of what the Supreme Court upheld this last summer. That was in reference to the part of the law that required everyone have insurance or face a fine/tax (whatever you want to call it).

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1421796688 Marsha Bowers Langdon

      You are very wrong Jamie, when the dems built the mandate they left it open to meaning, according to Nancy Pelosi, so that it could be “molded and changed as needed”. Romney and Ryan want to change the part in Obamacare that mandates that taxpayers have to pay for abortions and birth control. They can do that, as easy as Obama changed healthcare and stuffed it down our throats. Wade v. Roe was decided on years ago and the Justices have said they will not change their ruling……but Romney/Ryan can change “live birth abortions” that Obama has ok’d. They can make abortions illegal after a certain time in the pregnancy. So…..they are not just telling people what they want to hear…….you are just one of those lazy people that won’t take the time to do your homework on what the politicians say and what they really can do. Too bad…….you will probably be one that whines the loudest if Obama is re-elected and your world is lived in a burqa.

    • abadilla

      Jamie, whose side are you on? It’s a simple question, either you are on the side of the Church or you are on the side of the state. As a Catholic, should you not be on the side of the Church you claim to be a member of? Just asking!

      • http://www.facebook.com/jamiewardme Jamie Candace Ward

        I’m on the side of working Americans that want the choice to include reproductive care as part of their health insurance. You know, the Americans that are working for these benefits after all.

        Why are you on the side of the businesses that want to dictate to their workers what they will and will not cover under their health insurance? Why are you against the workers that want to choose their health care plans?

        • abadilla

          “I’m on the side of working Americans that want the choice to include reproductive care as part of their health insurance.” “Reproductive care” is not the language of Christianity, it is the euphemism of the culture of death that refers to abortion as a “woman’s right” as if a woman has the right to murder her own unborn child, but thanks for the explanation. Now, anyone reading you knows “exactly” whose side you are on.
          If a “Catholic” and that’s stretching the label “Catholic,” wants contraception (to be against life) or abortion, (the murder of her unborn child,) she does not have to work for a Catholic institution, she can always work for a secular institution that loves the euphemisms of “reproductive health,” and “health benefits” and pretends murder does not exist.
          The misuse of the English language to attain evil ends is nothing short than an insidious attempt to confuse the issues and confuse people who might otherwise be innocent lay people reading this blog.
          Don’t forget to pray to the God of life as your life ends on this planet and you get ready to meet our Master and Savior. I would not want to be in your shoes on that day after having defended the murder of the most innocent and helpless of our society. I have much to account for in my long life, but advocating for the butchery of the unborn is not one of them.

  • http://www.goodsaints.com/ Good Saints

    I’ve been looking forward to the Vice Presidential Debate since Ryan was picked. Good post!



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