“Same Love” Ain’t About Love


Maybe you’ve heard it on the radio. Or maybe you saw Ellen Degeneres laud the singers of “Same Love” as her “heroes” for being the first hip-hop musicians to speak out in favor of gay marriage. Or maybe you’re new to the game and only heard about the song “Same Love” after Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed the hit on Sunday Night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

“Same Love” was originally released back in February, but only made it to number 89 on the top 100 charts back then, but the song rose in popularity after the SCOTUS decisions on gay marriage back in June.

I heard “Same Love” month’s ago when it was first released and was captivated by the smooth vocals of the female singer in the chorus. She sings,

“I can’t change,

even if I try…

even if I wanted to.

My love, my love, my love…

She keeps me warm.”

I know what you’re thinking. How could I hear a female singing those lyrics and not think something was up? Well, I guess I thought it was one of those songs that was written for a man, but sounded better with a woman’s voice? Or maybe the girl accidentally put a “sh” in front of “he”?

Nevertheless, I caught the ear worm from this song and couldn’t get it out of my head. I had to listen to it every time it came on the radio and sang along.

Then one day, shortly after I had been standing up for traditional marriage on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in June, I was singing along to the song and it hit me. “Wait, is this… What?!? I’ve been singing along to an anthem for gay marriage?”

*The awkward moment when you realize the song you’ve been singing along to is an anthem to gay marriage.*

First of all, I guess I should stop being a hypocrite and stop singing along to a song supporting something that I’ve been standing up against. But, the major issue that I have with the song is not that it’s an anthem for gay marriage, in fact that has very little to do with it.

While there are many issues that I have with the song, and you will too if you take a few minutes to listen to the lyrics, the main issue that I have with the song is it is completely hypocritical and it attacks our faith and the same freedom that the song claims to support. Let me explain.

Since this is a Catholic blog site, let’s start with Catholicism. One of the most upsetting parts of the song, the video, and Macklemore’s MTV VMA’s appearance this week, occurs during this part of the song:

“When I was at church they taught me something else.

If you preach hate at the service those words aren’t anointed.

That holy water that you soak in has been poisoned.”

The video follows a gay man, and when it get’s to the words “preach hate”, it shows the man’s mother making the sign of the cross. Then, at the VMA’s Macklemore makes the sign of the cross as he sings into the words “preach hate”. Why is it necessary to bring the “Catholic” sign of the cross into this at all? And even more importantly, why must it be attached to the words “preach hate”? I have been Catholic my whole life and I have never heard any words of hate against homosexuals or people who believe in gay marriage from the Church or anyone who represents the Church.

Macklemore goes on and claims that traditional marriage supporters “paraphrase a book written thirty-five-hundred years ago”. When in reality, Macklemore is the one who is paraphrasing the Bible and trying to break it down in ways to support his message. Catholics believe in the unity of scripture, so we actually don’t have an issue with paraphrasing the Bible. Maybe Macklemore should spend some time at a Catholic Church, he might like it.

Catholics are all about love thy neighbor and unity of Scripture.

Macklemore is quick to play the blame game and claim that the Church and traditional marriage supporters are the hateful ones. When in fact, traditional marriage supporters are under the most (and worst) attacks in the world today. The song goes,

“If I was gay, I would think hip-hop hates me.

Have you read the YouTube comments lately?

“Man, that’s gay” gets dropped on the daily.

We become so numb to what we’re saying.”

Obviously Macklemore has never been on Twitter and watched the attacks against marriage advocates.

The vitriolic attacks against traditional marriage advocates are a million times worse than the attacks against gay marriage advocates. I get attacked constantly simply because my friends and I are outspoken marriage advocates in the public eye.

And maybe Macklemore should see the hate mail (or worse) that groups like the National Organization for Marriage receive on a daily basis. And what attacks like the gunman who sought to kill members of the Family Research Council, simply because they were vocal supporters of traditional marriage.

The song continues with references to bullying, more attacks on religion, and even more claims that traditional marriage supporters are hateful. Macklemore also asserts that the same-sex marriage movement is the present day civil rights movement. The song continues,

“Gender to skin color, the complexion of your pigment.

The same fight that led people to walk outs and sit ins.

It’s human rights for everybody, there is no difference!”

In the video, this part of the song is played during footage of Martin Luther King and the civil rights protests. Comparing the same-sex marriage movement to the civil rights movement is appalling. There are so many issues with this, but I’ll just leave you in disgust on that point.

“Same Love” attacks traditional marriage supporters and calls us “haters” while hating on us. The song attacks the Church and conservatives for standing up for our beliefs, and claims we’re oppressors while striving to oppress us.

The truth is, the Catholic Church and traditional marriage supporters everywhere are all about love. There is no hate in the Church or in the marriage movement towards anyone who disagrees with us. We’re just standing up for what we believe in and striving to do it in the most loving of ways.

Now, I’m just hoping that Eminem steps in to do the heterosexual version of “Same Love”, and it can be our anthem for the traditional marriage movement.


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  • Ethan

    I’m a devoted Catholic….and gay. I see no wrong in this song. It’s so true. My favorite lyrics were
    God loves all his children is somehow forgotten
    But we paraphrase a book written 3500 years ago.
    (You left out the first part to back up your point I assume)

    But we judge homosexuals and say they are unclean. God loves us, and he made us in his own image. I go to a catholic school, a Catholic Church, a Catholic youth group, and pray every night and the rosary every week. I choose to do that, to worship God. And that’s all he wants from us, to believe in him and rejoice. We forgot that God loves everyone, yet we still talk about the bible written a long time ago which ever seen states that God loves all.

    Think about it.
    Bless your heart
    Ethan W

  • alexandra

    How could you not know this song advocated equality… the first line is “when I was in the third grade I thought that I was gay.”

    >I know what you’re thinking

    Then you assume that everybody is like you. Guess what, not everybody is hateful.

    >catholic sign of the cross

    Its not just catholic, other denominations use it too. They use this imagery because this is the imagery used by antigay people mentioned in the song (such as yourself.). The Nazis spoke German. That doesn’t mean German is evil, but if I made a video about Nazis they would be speaking German. Antigay people are mostly Christian (in america, at least.). So if you made a song about them they would be christian.

    You say you’ve never heard any words of hate… do you live under a rock? Words of hate are said every day by Catholics. I mean that’s just an outright lie.

    Why use a gift of a gay man in your antigay article? lol

    >comparing same sex marriage to the civil rights movement is appalling

    What? Why? I think what’s apalling is comparing human love to drinking and gambling, or denying people basic human rights. Every day around the world gay people are killed, thrown out, ostracized, sent to harmful ‘conversion therapy.’

    >attacks traditional marriage supporters

    Sorry, you got me. I do attack bigots, racists, sexists, and homophobes. Would you be welcoming if a friend joined the kkk? I would attack that friend (with words.) I would try to get him to see that what he’s doing is wrong.

    this article disgusts me. I hope that someday you grow up and learn to see love. and eliminate the hate in your heart.

  • Steven

    Oh dear… “Comparing the same-sex marriage movement to the civil rights movement is appalling.” There is such a thing called “the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”, which supersedes any ancient literature/religious nonsense/personal opinion/ignorant hatred/. In ’94, the Human Rights Committee stated, unambiguously, that this convention includes sexual orientation. Your previously mentioned statement is ignorant of both history and any interpretation of basic ethics.

    What you interpret as an attack on traditional marriage is rather a defence of human decency and equal rights. If you want to pose as a defender of religious scripture, then I certainly hope you do not know anybody who wear clothes made out of different garments, grow two different types of crops next to each other, works on the Sabbath, are divorced and so on, since you are not only allowed, but obligated to promptly take their lives. Religious scripture is outdated and irrelevant to the world we live in. It is (quite self-evident) that the Bible is NOT an adequate source of moral and ethical guidelines.

    I observe, with great concern, that people of your belief and conviction still gets ink and air-time to spread your narrow-mined propaganda. With a globalized and diversified world as the one we live in today, we can spare ourselves of a lot of anger, hate and frustration by simply accepting that people with different sexual preferences have an equal right to live and love just as anybody else. In a world where world hunger, poverty, and war is still a dominant part of our existence, I find it more than mildly frustrating that petty causes like same-sex marriage gets this much attention. My hope is that this can be fought through educating the general population on science and ethics.

    Please do humanity a favour and stay within the confinements of your church when it comes to your blabbering. The rest of us will be busy trying to make the world a better place for our children and their children as well. Hopefully, by the time my generation gets to “meet our maker (read: oblivion)”, we have left a legacy that enables just that. But make no mistake, you will have served no part whatsoever in accomplishing that.

    By the way, the man in your third gif is actually a gay man.

    • Jay

      The man in the second gif is also a gay man.



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