“Sandra Fluke is a tool” of the misogynist Left.

I had started a post on the ridiculousness of the manufactured controversy over Sandra Fluke’s testimony, and the ensuing use by Rush Limbaugh of an anagram of “lust” on the air, the other day.

But Lori Ziganto, who has, as she calls them, “a fancy womb” and “brass ovaries,” pretty much did the job a thousand times better than I could have.

Just one of her graphs…

Not one has even questioned the veracity of the statements in her ‘testimony’, which were so absurd they were almost comical. Most of it was typical slacker/entitlement mentality nonsense. We are to feel sorry for her, a thirty year old woman at Georgetown Law School, because she can’t afford some things. Paying for one’s own birth control is an ‘untenable burden’. No, really. She said that. If this mandate is supposedly (wink, wink, nudge nudge) to help The Poor ™, why is she asking – nay, demanding – that religious institutions be forced to subsidize self-absorbed 30 year old students at a fancy pants school? Instead of a law degree, she should receive a PhD in mooching; Doctor of Entitlement! Listen, honey, grow up. Get a real job and not some made up ‘reproductive rights activist’ job and, you know, stop buying stuff you can’t afford. Prioritize, baby! It’s easy. We grown-ups do things like that. Get out of your perpetual childhood-ridden Ivory tower. Try for a little less whinies and a little more thinkies. “Your body, your choice?” Your money, toots.

Classic. Check out the rest of her evisceration of the misogynistic Left over at RedState.

How long before MSNBC gives her a show with Eliot Spitzer?

The whole “I can’t get contraceptives” meme is a lie, folks, meant to distract us from the real argument—the one the Left knows it can’t win. They know they have to make it about access to contraceptives and make it sound like one of the most ubiquitous features of our society is actually stashed deep in the Vatican vaults so they can keep making it about “those backward Catholics trying to keep women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen” rather than the assault on all of our liberty that it is.

As Lori points out, major figures of the Left have publicly referred to women with whom they disagree as “slut,” “K Street whore,” “bags of meat with lipstick,” and much worse, and questioned whether they really were women. (Because, you see, they dared stray off the script established for them by their leaders—the gall of those uppity women!—so it’s okay.)

I’m glad Lori and other strong women are fighting back and not taking this lying down. It’s time we all just told them what they can do with their faux moral outrage and rank hypocrisy.

And in so doing, keep reminding everyone that they, not we, are threatening to unravel the very fabric on which this nation was founded—liberty, especially religious liberty—over a manufactured “crisis” of access to a product as ubiquitous and inexpensive as they come.



  • wendi

    I think my main complaint with what was written above is the fact that a woman who no one even knows was called vile names and no one is defending her honor. Disagreement with health care options and politics does not lower her status as a person. Whether she was right or wrong, she was certainly entitled to speak up and brave to do so. What should be strongly – STRONGLY – condemned is the hate speech that followed. None of us knows the private details of her life and to heap on more vile statements is, well…judging. We all know what God says about that, right?

  • Kyntale


    To abortionist Sandra Fluke, on her campaign tour for Barack Hussein Obama.

    Alas, the name has come to wrap itself around
    Your putrid frame, a second skin that might astound
    All onlookers with eyes of pity as they gaze
    At one so lacking shame. If ever you amaze,
    Tis not by beauty long since tainted and disgraced
    As much by outward use as your polluted thoughts,
    (With women, it is from within that beauty rots),
    Nor woman’s modesty by servile lust effaced,
    Much less the antique charms of gentle ladies past
    Whose looks commanded armies and their fame outlast;
    Oh no! Your fascination is the gutter kind,
    But with a special twist for which you’re most maligned:
    That you should prostitute your leaden mind to Hate,
    To service—in full view—the Phallus of the State.

    Kenneth Kyntale
    Epigrams of Freedom

  • Brian A. Cook

    I don’t know whether I included this. Can you past this into the previous comment if I didn’t?


  • Brian A. Cook


    If the Left if misogynistic, how do you explain its staunch opposition to the Taliban and its ideas? No, I am not labeling Christians as members of the Taliban. I am actually referring to the notorious Islamic sect that ruled Afghanistan for over a decade as well as its new splinter-groups.


    These links may help you understand just how offensive the personal attacks on Fluke certain parts of the media were.







    • http://twitter.com/tomcrowe Tom Crowe

      Brian A. Cook — And all of that is supposed to be dispositive of … what, exactly? That they dislike people who dislike women *more* than, or *differently* than, they do is immaterial to whether or not they are misogynistic. And “Tu Quoque” is a logical fallacy, you know.

  • Sam12

    Talk about exploitation…We cannot get away from commentators who are shocked and outraged by the thoughtless comments of a radio talk show host.I find it very interesting that so many of these same morning talk shows this week have been commenting almost breathlessly on the new favorite book for soccer mom book clubs, 50 Shades of Gray. This book is,in my opinion, one of the biggest pieces of trash to hit the sales rack in quite a while. A young girl, a virgin, meets a 27 year old man who wants her to become his sex slave. The writing in the books is barely 4th grade level, but the bondage and sadomasochism are quite elaborate. We are told that women everywhere are reading this in their vans while waiting to pick up kids, at the gym, etc. What’s the deal? Are we a bunch of women incensed by a radio host calling a 30 year old activist a slut, but we just lap up the idea of young girls in this kind of depraved sexual arrangement? I can guarantee that if this book is lying around the house or even, “carefully hidden” by Mom that teens will find a way to find it and read it. Will Mr. Obama be as upset by this kind of trash possibly falling into his daughters’ hands as he was about the idea of his girls afraid to join in civil discourse because of name calling? The duplicity of the press and the gullibility of my fellow females always leaves me shaking my head. We so often are our own worst enemies.



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