Saturday Night Live and Pop Culture’s Attack On Women


Over the weekend, actress Lena Dunham hosted Saturday Night Live and, as is customary for her, controversy followed. She got naked on television, promoted abortion-giant Planned Parenthood, and mocked pro-lifers.

If you missed it, you didn’t miss much. If you watched it, you were probably one of the many viewers who turned it off because there was nothing funny or redeeming about the episode. It was the second-lowest watched episode of the season.

Dunham spent her monologue talking about people’s sex lives and promoting her show ‘Girls’. Degrading sex and human beings is what I have come to expect from the creator of ‘Girls’. If you haven’t seen ‘Girls’, I wrote about it here a few months ago.

The skit on Saturday night that got the most attention by far was the one about the “male rights activist”. Yep, you heard me… male rights activist. You can watch it here:

The skit featured a man at a jewelry party with his girlfriend and 4 of her friends. As they get to talking, it comes out that the man works as a “male rights activist” and that he was responsible for shutting down two Planned Parenthood clinics.

Lena Dunham’s character went in to an immediate “rage spiral” over his admission. She exclaimed, “How dare you? Planned Parenthood provides women low-cost medical advice and care.”

Saturday Night Live has long been known for mocking people and politics, even insomuch as promoting their agenda from time to time. But promoting the largest abortion provider in America is a step too far.

Planned Parenthood is not helping women and they aren’t empowering women.

Not to mention, they have been caught on countless occasions putting women’s lives at risk, lying to women, and doing everything in between, just to make a buck. If you want to know more about Planned Parenthood’s abuses, check out Live Action’s investigations into the abortion-giant. Planned Parenthood doesn’t “care” about women, they care about money.

Women deserve better than Planned Parenthood and I wish that Lena Dunham and Saturday Night Live would recognize that.

In response to the above SNL skit, I was asked to appear on Byline with Brian Lilley on Canada’s Sun News Network.

Check out my appearance on Sun News Network to hear more on what I think about Saturday Night Live’s Planned Parenthood promotion and more.


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  • Paul Sadek

    SNL has had its “moments” over the decades–and I stress that they were MOMENTS–but it has never been able to achieve the consistent humor of its first five years. Along the way, it simply stopped being funny.

    Perhaps Lorne Michaels shifted his purpose in doing the show. Perhaps humor became secondary to “making a statement.”

    Since its sixth season, SNL has been like a series of repeated, futile attempts to remake a classic; and every time that I tune it in, I’m disappointed.

  • Jason Roebuck

    When the news network’s in America stop reporting the news and having relevant discussions about relevant issues, I guess we have to go to Canada to find the truth in the news. We could also find the truth in what happens in health care when we literally throw the baby out with the bath water, like we are doing right now in our failed attempts at reforming health care!

  • carol bannon

    Do I have your permission to reprint/reference parts of your blog on Holding Hands…?

    • Joshua Mercer

      You have CatholicVote’s permission to quote 3-4 paragraphs and then link back to the original article. Thanks! -Editor

  • DawnMarie

    When people tell me they are pro- choice, I ask if they would get their inadvertantly pregnant cat or dog an abortion…what about feral animals??? We spay & nueter without their “consent” what’s the diff???

    • Eric Johnson

      Women have the right of choice and they have free will. Animals don’t. We spay/neuter to reduce the number of animals that will eventually die in the wild or be euthanized due to over-population.

    • morganB

      DawbMarie, “pro” anything can be really misleading. I consider myself to be “pro-life”, but with the nagging exceptions most pro-lifers have of rape, incest and most importantly the health and life of the mother.

      I find it puzzling that the following statement is true… “Planned Parenthood is not helping women and they aren’t empowering women”. I ask the writer the following… if Roe v Wade is outlawed and clinics are closed and no OBGYNs were trained, how would my three exceptions be addressed?

      Speaking of empowering women… how is a pregnant woman in Texas empowered when the new LAW intercedes and forces her to have and pay for an ultrasound? Silence? Interesting!

      • dan

        Morgan, It is empowering to women to have all the information in order to make informed choices and an ultrasound (which planned parenthood seeks to avoid) helps. No Silence here.

        secondly, If Roe v Wade were overturned OBGYN’s would still be trained (what, no OBGYN’s before 1973?) that silly.
        Finally, It was never illegal in the case of saving a life even prior to Roe. By the way, when the life of the mother and child are threatened there IS NO CHOICE. The doctor has to act. As for rape, did you ever ask a child who was born as a result of rape if they thought they should pay for the father’s crime? 100% say no.

        • morganB

          Dan, I was there before 1973 and the terms “back alley” and “butchers” were frequently associated with abortion. Coincidently, we lived near a Catholic hospital where no women were admitted for an abortion, no matter the reason. Confusing?

    • dan

      DawnMarie, you’re kidding right? You don’t make a distinction between humans and animals? You accidentally steped on a bug last week; should you go to prison for negligent homicide, I mean what’s the diff???



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