Say Hello to the New Bishops!



If you want to know what an apostle looks like, his picture is to the right.

That’s Bishop Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois.  Among other things, he’s a former hockey goalie, which probably gave him pretty good training for what he went through at a church gathering in Phoenix over the weekend.

Bishop Paprocki took part in the event, billed as “Two Catholic Views of Gay Marriage,” along with renowned feminist nun and Catholic dissenter Sr. Jeannine Gramick.

It was clear from the outset that the vast majority of the audience had come looking for a fight, eager to launch every weapon in their arsenal straight at this lone Catholic bishop and the truth he stood up for.  They came ready for battle.

But so did he.

Facing what can only be described as an all out attack, Bishop Paprocki stood strong and defended the Church and her teaching against the fiercest blows the crowd could hurl at him.  The enemies of marriage were rabid and relentless, assaulting the bishop with rude interruptions, sneering sarcasm, and hostile questions clearly designed to trip him up or catch him in a contradiction.

They failed, miserably.

I haven’t seen a video of the event, and don’t even know if there is one, but I’ve excerpted an article by Michael Clancy of the Arizona Republic for some of the better quotes by Bishop Paprocki:

“This event was billed as ‘Two Catholic Views of Gay Marriage,’ ” he said. “But there is only one view that is authentically Catholic. The other view is dissenting.”

He said if same-sex marriage is allowed, sadomasochism or other practices should be, too.  “If there is no moral truth, only alternatives, then everything should be OK,” he said.

He said those who oppose the church on the issue should become Protestants. “They do a lot of good things too,” he said.

Lord, send us more bishops like Bishop Paprocki!

Bishops are called successors of the apostles.  When we consider the Church’s teaching on apostolic succession, we think not only of the first bishops, the apostles themselves, but also of the continuous line of bishops from then until now – that unbroken line of holy men that have stood tall and protected the Church through the ages, from Peter and Paul to Augustine and Athanasius, from James and Andrew to John Fisher and Thomas Becket.

becket2But perhaps, sadly, the last half century has left us with a sense of longing when it comes to this leadership we seek and  depend on among our bishops.  Not to say there haven’t been a number of worthy, even great bishops in this time, maybe more even than we were willing to acknowledge.  But we’ve also seen the tragic consequences of an episcopacy seemingly made up more of comfortable clerics concerned with administration and management than men of action who take seriously their charge of defending the Faith with ready and steadfast courage when she comes under fire, and shepherding the Church with clear voices of conviction and authority as she carries out her mission on earth.

But now, that’s changing.

As the next couple decades unfold, it will become increasingly clear that among the greatest legacies of John Paul and Benedict is the group of bishops they appointed, especially in the United States.  And as the Church is besieged more and more by an increasingly hostile culture that seeks to demoralize and discourage those who would stand up for the truth, we’re going to start seeing more instances of bishops being specifically targeted for attack.  Sheep without shepherds are the wolves’ easiest prey.

This is why Bishop Paprocki’s brave stand in Phoenix is so important.  It sends a message, not only to the faithful who have so eagerly awaited it, but to the enemies of the Church as well:

The bishops are back.




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  • Wieslaw Jonathan

    Homo- marriage has no chance to work and bring into existence tangible results; it lacks its very basic component- that is CAPABILITY- of the true participation in the Creative Power ordained to existence by God! It is only a person of short sight who is unable to grasp this reality!!! In male-female relationship there is a certain order of the creative energy FLOW that builds upon and builds up (on other levels than physical ones).

  • Richard

    Satan is alive and well in the Catholic Church and Paprocki and other disciples of homophobia are his minions. Courage and a fair shake at an eye for an eye on this blog site dictates that you should post this. Give people a chance to prove me wrong.

    • Slats

      What? No one has to prove you wrong. Bishop Paprocki is not homophobic (i.e., fearing or hating people with same-gender attractions); he certainly would hold CCC 2358. What he has a problem with is anyone Catholic asserting that genital acts between two people of the same gender, relationships based on such acts, or a legally-acknowledged simulation of “marriage” in such a relationship are okay. Genital acts between two people of the same gender are grave matter. It’s moral teaching which has a strong Biblical root, is deeply and quite obviously entrenched in the natural law, and has always and everywhere been taught by the Church. Catholics must hold that, or, in terms of the full assent to faith (which could be referred to in shorthand as “intellectually speaking,” but that doesn’t really cover the spiritual realities of it), they aren’t Catholic.

      If you are conflating the defense of what is so clearly part of the mind and heart of Christ with “Satan being alive and well in the Catholic Church,” that’s a priori absurd, and something which doesn’t really deserve to be dignified with further discussion or explanation.

  • John Fiarkoski

    Until the day comes when every priest, bishop, cardinal stands up to parishioners who vote for and support those politicians who favor abortion and gay marriage than the movement to move a way from these sins is lost. The church must take a staunch stance on these issues and drive those who do not follow church teaching from the church. They should either REPENT or leave.

  • Kevin

    No dialogue in the Church? How strange. Read “Gaudium et Spes.” It clearly talks about how the Church and the World share joys and sorrows, hopes and disappointments. If the Church engages the world, shouldn’t it also engage its own?

    • Slats

      No. Not in the sense you are suggesting. Being a member of the Body of Christ means sharing the mind and heart of Christ, and holding to what the Church has always and everywhere held. The subtext of your comment is the implication that the moral status of same-gender genital acts should somehow be an internal Church discussion. How the Church should engage the “gay lobby,” the world, or those in and out of the Church with same-gender attractions is certainly a matter for internal Church discussion. The idea that the rightness or wrongness of same-gender genital acts under any conceivable circumstances, which the Church has always and everywhere taught to be grave matter, should be a matter for internal Church discussion, or “engaging its own,” is uproariously offensive to pious ears. If someone holds that such acts are okay, they are not in communion with our forerunners in the Church, with the faithful and fully-incorporated members of Church militant on earth, nor with Christ Himself. They are not “the Church’s own” in that sense.

    • Slats

      Moreover, Kevin, how can there be “dialogue” in the Church? Dialogue involves two separate entities or positions. The Church is supposed to be an organic unity, a single spiritual “person” as the bride of Christ. The idea of a “dialogue within the Church” brings to mind a Gollum-Smeagol discussion.

  • EK

    Pray for this Courageous Bishop of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. What a man! Faithful Catholics must never accept the evils of contraception, abortion and homosexual “marriage.” We must also pray for the conversion of our enemies. God has triumphed. satan is already defeated. Stand fast.



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