Scattered Thoughts, Predictions, Etc.

1. First of all, before anyone panics, just calm down.  Go buy some ammunition, gold, and non-perishable food items.  Okay good, now panic.

2.  Just kidding.

3.  I hate early voting.  Not actually doing it (I never have) but the whole concept.  I get it that there are senior citizens and such who really need this accommodation, and that’s fine.  So let them do it, but just them.  It’s like there’s no Election Day anymore, just election month, with the final deadline for stragglers being what we now call “Election Day.”  There seems to be a trend too, with campaigns pointing not just to polls but to votes that are already cast in order to project an image of the race and where it stands.  Pretty soon the focus of the campaigns and the media will be on the first day of voting (Oct. 1 or Oct. 15 say) rather than the last, and we will see exit polling having a massive impact, early voting increasing greatly because everyone wants their vote to make a difference, and the election being essentially over before we even get to Election Day.  Just watch, it’s going to happen.

4.  So much for the Redskins losing their last home game before the election.  So much for the last however many Nov. 6 elections being won by the Republican.  For that matter, so much for the winner of the South Carolina primary becoming the Republican nominee.  A lot of those fun little predictors seemed to fail this year.  Oh well, I suppose that’s the nature of such things.  I remember learning of Tecumseh’s Curse when I was a kid.  Apparently William Henry Harrison, who was elected in 1840, did something that upset the Indian chief Tecumseh, so the chief put a curse on him and his successors: every President elected in a year divisible by twenty would die in office.  And they did, for a long time.  But that streak ended too, with Ronald Reagan.

5. In his second term, Obama will formally announce his administration’s support for gay marriage and refer to it as the civil rights issue of our era.  There will be some backlash from black pastors and religious leaders, and the President’s support among blacks will plummet to 98%.

6. Obama will have the opportunity to appoint at least one, and possibly three, new justices to the Supreme Court.  Job qualifications:  ironclad devotion to Roe v. Wade required, at least one year of law school preferred.

7. Republicans better figure out their problems with the Hispanic vote, or we may not see another president with a little (R) next to his name for a long time.  Texas has 34 electoral votes, amigos. The math will start looking downright fatal unless you find a way to convince Hispanics that the Grand Old Fiesta is where it’s at.

8.  Based on my statistical model, there’s a 91.3% chance that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and other Catholic champions of abortion will not have fun at the Final Judgment.  I don’t judge, I just crunch the numbers.

9.  Thank God for our bishops.  I mean that – we should thank God for them.  The Catholic bishops of this country, led by Cardinal Dolan, are in my opinion stronger and more committed to truly engaging secular culture with the Truth than they have been since Vatican II.  And I fear for them.

10.  Thank you, Mitt Romney.  You seem a good man, an honorable man, and I think I can safely say that for millions of Americans it was a pleasure to get to know you better.



  • BufordJr

    Dabburned early voting. It just makes it easier for poor people to vote!

  • leogirl87

    I agree about early voting. Many people voted before the debates and didn’t even watch the debates. They did not see Romney debate and they were so afraid of Bush that they just voted for Obama.

    I wonder how our country will go during the next four years. Obama is very socialistic, and as we’ve seen with Europe being worse off than we are economically, socialism doesn’t work. Yes, it is good to have a few government programs to help the poorest of the poor, but excessive and unnecessary entitlements will bankrupt a country. It is also not good to give the government too much power (let churches and charitable organizations care for the poor) or a group of 12 men will decide what health care each individual can or cannot have. It will also slow progress because there is no incentive to succeed if you have to pay 75% income tax to pay for entitlement programs.

  • MLsouth

    Would have loved to see Mitt and Paul lead this country. Such a loss for our country to not elect them. Now, brace for the storm.

    • Joe M


      I think we missed a great opportunity to fix a lot of problems.

  • Kevin Bensema

    #7 is easy. Change your immigration policy from ‘build a fence and hunt down the illegals’ to ‘first, reform the immigration policy to allow essentially unlimited (no quotas or byzantine requirements to emigrate here) legal immigration.’ You can’t lose – you get more of the Catholic vote for having a better immigration policy than either past GOP candidates or Democrats (who toss out a few programs but don’t offer real reform), and pro-life Hispanics will have more reason to support the GOP.

    • Joe M

      There is something to that. However, I think it’s more complicated than that. See border violence of the last several years. That isn’t going away if we open borders. It’s simply going to spill across our borders more often than it already does.

  • (S)Ain’t Robert Bellicose

    I disagree with number 10, and, if I had known that Mr Romney was going to lose anyway, I would have voted for myself, and let him lose by more. He “opposed” Obama with relative kid gloves, compared to what he let his handlers do to Mr Santorum and Mr Gingrich, also good and honorable.
    Obama, if he is not an evil man, is way too comfortable with evil to allow me to be comfortable with another four years of him. I think that Cardinal Dolan’s consorting with him at the Smith dinner was harmful to the vote. You may want to include him in the names in #8. I don’t judge, either, but I do discriminate between good and questionable leadership.
    The Hispanic vote. Come on, one would have to be born in a cave, to be someone who came here for opportunity, and NOT realize that the Repub candidate (even Mr Romney) best represented that opportunity. So, maybe Catholics need to speak up about abortion, and get that awkward conversation-stopper going with Obama voters of ANY race or creed.

  • Rob

    Do you have any examples of the media publishing exit poll data before election day? I didn’t see any of these reports this year, maybe I missed it.



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