Scattered Thoughts, Predictions, Etc.

1. First of all, before anyone panics, just calm down.  Go buy some ammunition, gold, and non-perishable food items.  Okay good, now panic.

2.  Just kidding.

3.  I hate early voting.  Not actually doing it (I never have) but the whole concept.  I get it that there are senior citizens and such who really need this accommodation, and that’s fine.  So let them do it, but just them.  It’s like there’s no Election Day anymore, just election month, with the final deadline for stragglers being what we now call “Election Day.”  There seems to be a trend too, with campaigns pointing not just to polls but to votes that are already cast in order to project an image of the race and where it stands.  Pretty soon the focus of the campaigns and the media will be on the first day of voting (Oct. 1 or Oct. 15 say) rather than the last, and we will see exit polling having a massive impact, early voting increasing greatly because everyone wants their vote to make a difference, and the election being essentially over before we even get to Election Day.  Just watch, it’s going to happen.

4.  So much for the Redskins losing their last home game before the election.  So much for the last however many Nov. 6 elections being won by the Republican.  For that matter, so much for the winner of the South Carolina primary becoming the Republican nominee.  A lot of those fun little predictors seemed to fail this year.  Oh well, I suppose that’s the nature of such things.  I remember learning of Tecumseh’s Curse when I was a kid.  Apparently William Henry Harrison, who was elected in 1840, did something that upset the Indian chief Tecumseh, so the chief put a curse on him and his successors: every President elected in a year divisible by twenty would die in office.  And they did, for a long time.  But that streak ended too, with Ronald Reagan.

5. In his second term, Obama will formally announce his administration’s support for gay marriage and refer to it as the civil rights issue of our era.  There will be some backlash from black pastors and religious leaders, and the President’s support among blacks will plummet to 98%.

6. Obama will have the opportunity to appoint at least one, and possibly three, new justices to the Supreme Court.  Job qualifications:  ironclad devotion to Roe v. Wade required, at least one year of law school preferred.

7. Republicans better figure out their problems with the Hispanic vote, or we may not see another president with a little (R) next to his name for a long time.  Texas has 34 electoral votes, amigos. The math will start looking downright fatal unless you find a way to convince Hispanics that the Grand Old Fiesta is where it’s at.

8.  Based on my statistical model, there’s a 91.3% chance that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and other Catholic champions of abortion will not have fun at the Final Judgment.  I don’t judge, I just crunch the numbers.

9.  Thank God for our bishops.  I mean that – we should thank God for them.  The Catholic bishops of this country, led by Cardinal Dolan, are in my opinion stronger and more committed to truly engaging secular culture with the Truth than they have been since Vatican II.  And I fear for them.

10.  Thank you, Mitt Romney.  You seem a good man, an honorable man, and I think I can safely say that for millions of Americans it was a pleasure to get to know you better.



  • MatthewJohn

    It’s sad… our country is lost. I think Mitt Romney is a good man and ran hard. He did all he could.

  • MatthewJohn

    It’s sad… our country is lost. I think Mitt Romney is a good man and ran hard. He did all he could.

    • It’s a Cruel World

      How do I break this to you gently? Not only Texas but also Arizona and Georgia are going to go Democratic in 2016 because of the Hispanic vote. If the Republican Party opposes immigration reform (which I imagine it will given that most of its money comes from folks who want more immigration restrictions and penalties), it’s going to be even worse. You don’t think Rubio is going to help you with Hispanics who are not extremist right-wing Cuban immigrants, do you? Really, you got yourselves so far up that proverbial creek without a paddle. I can’t imagine what you can possibly due aside from mourn and fall into the deepest of depressions. And you want to make it more difficult to vote for people who have to work two-three jobs to make ends meet? Yea, there’s a sure winner for you. I don’t know if observation number five was racist or actually showed that you have a sense of humor. Don’t forget, though, that the black community voted overwhelmingly for Gore and Clinton, too. not just for Obama. And Obama will be returning all the favors that Bill Clinton did for him this time around and will campaign really hard for Hillary to rally the black vote in 2016. And if I wouldn’t be so presumptuous to usurp God’s final judgement if I were you (or me). After all, your statistical models didn’t prove to be too accurate for this election. You should go back and look at some of your articles over the past month for proof of that.

      • Joe M

        Are you referring to the Hispanic demographic that is possibly the most Christian of any other group?

        I agree that more should be done by conservatives to appeal to Hispanics on both economic and social issues. However, I think you’re fooling yourself if you think Hispanics will always automatically favor Democrats and their policies.

        • Am I Blue?

          You were fooling yourself being so sure Romney would win against President Obama. Close to 70% of those very Christian Hispanics just voted to re-elect the President. But you’re right, nothing is automatic. So enlighten us all, please, how you think Republicans should appeal to Hispanics on econonic and social issues, especially since so many Republicans want to tighten restrictions on immigration and impose more penalties against undocumented workers.

          • Joe M

            I was never “sure” Romney would win.

            Republicans should appeal to hispanics by:

            A) Pointing out that the Obama economy has disproportionately harmed them. More Democrat policies will be more of the same.
            B) Pointing out that Obama’s party does not share their social views and this is the country their children will mostly likely grow up in.
            C) Revise immigration policy to make legal immigration easier.

      • Tony Love

        Dear It’s a Cruel World, Be magnanimous, not cruel . . . be the solution, not the problem . . . love, don’t hate . . . mend fences, don’t build them.

        • Open for Change

          Tony Love: Where was your magnamity for the past four years? Your wiilingness to compromise to attain a solution? Your love in calling us murderers and worse? It seems now you prefer to coy and lecture others rather than try to be humble, trying to turn the tables after an abject national defeat at the polls. So, how do you want to mend fences? Shall we start with immigration reform? What is your position? Tax reform? Your position? Equal rights for homosexuals? Your position? Will you still try to throw every monkey wrench imaginable into health care reform? Will your party be intransigent? Will it filibuster? Will it be obstructionist at every opportunity, intent upon ensuring congressional gridlock? Or will you and your party show a willingness, for the first time in years, to compromise?

          • Tony Love

            Open for Change/Rich: You are guilty of rash judgment. I’m no Republican. I repeat: love, don’t hate.

      • Jay Frink

        Cruel World, Hate is destructive, only love creates. Please try it.

  • Mary

    I think that #3 and #7 are the most important. Personally, I would like to see someone living in a state that does not have early voting sue to challenge it in these other states. What if over time some group of states large enough to reach 270 in the electoral college all have early voting? It could be over BEFORE election day. It is in violation of the Constitution. If they want to have early voting for their state races, fine, vote all year if you like, but not for federal races. “Congress shall choose a day..”.
    As Farr as immigration goes, the horse is out of the barn and in the neighbors’ field. I liked Gingrich’s idea of tribunals for an area. I also like the idea of an open limited window (maybe 2 years) for all those already here to have time to correct, and then zero tolerance. The problem is already occurred. Need to deal with it.

    • Mark Polo

      The problem seems to be more with the exit polls at early-voting locations than with early-voting per se… No votes are actually counted until the actual election date. I don’t know how you can stop the exit polls though. The networks used to have a gentlemen’s agreement not to publish anything at all about actual results until the polls in California had closed (which still has the possibility of disenfranchising Alaska and Hawaii, of course), but now the results seem to come at once. The media doesn’t really care if it’s affecting the election, because it sees itself as the real guardian of democracy, I suppose.

      • Mary

        no, the early voting itself is still a problem. Imagine you wish to vote fraudulently. Now imagine having weeks longer to do so in as many ways possible. Weeks in which to test various ways if unsuccessful at first.
        It must have been far more difficult to conduct voting days in the early days of the republic. Think of the difficulties of travel without cars, trains, buses.
        No, I say the Founders had it right. One day for federal elections, cut down on the time available for the funny stuff.

        • Serafina Pekkala

          Did you see the lines in Ohio and Florida during early voting AND Election Day? How would you address these concerns? Voters shouldn’t have to wait hours to cast their vote. And what proof do you have of significant in person voter fraud occurring because of early voting? If you want to steal the election committing in person voter fraud takes longer, if caught is a felony and a $500 penalty in most states.

  • Jonah

    You are so irrelevant.

    • Julie T.

      And you are here, why?

      • Joe M

        Hah. What does it say about someone who spends their time responding to someone who they believe is irrelevant?

  • Coconut Beanbag

    Derogatory and prejudiced racist jokes. Keep it classy here, CatholicVote

    • Serena

      What racist jokes? I reread it and didn’t see any. He mentioned the existence of the Spanish language. Is that what you refer to?

    • Joe M

      That’s a laugh coming from you after the bigoted comments you’ve made here.

  • hartow

    10. Wholeheartedly agree.

    • Julie T.

      If you “wholeheartedly agree” with Coconut and Jonah, by all means, please leave. You won’t be missed.

      • hartow

        Julie T.
        1st. Read comment.
        2nd. Note time sequence.
        3rd. Realize you jumped then gun.
        4th. Then realize I was agreeing with the 10th item on Mr. White’s list.
        5th. Then go a head and be an ignoramus.



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