Seattle Gets Its Bishop

A mere two days ago I wrote a post that left me wondering, “What’s been taking Seattle so long“?

Well, apparently nothing now – for today the day has come at last:

Rocco broke the news on who it will be: Bishop J. Peter Sartain, 58, currently serving as the bishop of Joliet. Rocco has posted a fascinating profile of the archbishop-elect, and ends with this encouraging recap of the national scene:

With his Westward transfer, Sartain becomes the youngest American archbishop. What’s more, the Seattle nod sees B16 reach a crucial tipping point on these shores — just short of five and a half years since his election, the pontiff has now named a majority of the Stateside bench’s 32 Latin-rite metropolitans, almost all of them in their late 50s or early 60s.

These good bishops are a gift to the Church in the United States which we will profit from for a significant time to come.



  • Joannie

    Seattle is blessed! Bishop Sartain’s sister is a Nashville Dominican and he grew up close to the community. He’s a wonderful bishop and Joliet will miss him!

  • Nathan

    If Rocco is right in that many were envisioning Bishop Sartain as Cardinal George’s successor, it would appear that he’s a splendid choice. It’s really hard to bemoan his selection rather than Vasa, Aquila, or Olmsted. Besides, we all know just because they’re not getting the nods doesn’t necessarily mean they have a fatal flaw. Especially in Aquila’s case, where Pope Benedict supports his stance on confirmation.

  • Randy

    I would not assume Bp. Aquila is getting blackballed. If he is passed over I would not assume it is due to the confirmation age in his diocese. Seattle needed a house -cleaner and Bp Sartain has a reputation of being just that. Joliet and San Antonio are still vacant. Aquila’s day will come.

  • Slats

    I think (with pretty solid ground on which to do so) that Bp. Aquila is getting blackballed due to his stance on Confirmation age, which is pretty tragic and a sad statement on the condition of the universal Church, given that the premises of the reasoning behind his position are, according to Catholic dogmatic/Sacramental theology, objectively correct, whereas the theological positions behind the pastoral arguments given to the contrary are heretical. Confirmation is something God does for us, _period_, ***not*** our “opportunity” to say, “Yeah, I’ll buy that redemption stuff.”

    If Bp. Aquila “gets” to retire in Eastern North Dakota, bully for the people of Fargo.

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    Not as good as Bishop Aquila but at least it wasn’t another Spokane.

    His excellency will most certainly have positive effects on the Seminaries and religious of Seattle.



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