Secretary Clinton Warns of Threats to Religious Freedom.

Today, the HHS Mandate went into effect for private businesses.

And the U.S. State Department released its annual report on International Religious Freedom.

Secretary Clinton gave remarks today.

Funny thing. She didn’t mention anything about today’s start of the HHS Mandate.



  • Rob

    If this site was actually concerned about freedom of ALL religions, we would have seen article after article about the ridiculous witchhunt originating with Republicans in the House of Representatives about the presence of Muslims in the State Department. Seriously…before criticizing, look in the mirror for once.

    • Alek

      You do realize that it would be difficult for this site to defend the Muslim Brotherhood against investigation, since the Muslim Brotherhood has *never* in *any way* supported religious freedom.

      Huma Abedin case is not about Muslims in general which is an issue that we could discuss. It is about the Muslim Brotherhood, which if you take a look at Egypt right now, specifically the Coptic Christian community, has a lot more in common with the enemies of religious liberty (of any extent) that with its supporters.



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