Secularism in Action

Ed Mechmann on the HHS and us.

(A topic that came up in my syndicated column this week.)


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  • HV Observer

    Pope Benedict, just today, alluded to this in his address to the Bundestag in Berlin:

    “In its self-proclaimed exclusivity, the positivist [i.e., secular humanist] reason which recognizes nothing beyond mere functionality resembles a concrete bunker with no windows, in which we ourselves provide lighting and atmospheric conditions, being no longer willing to obtain either from God’s wide world. And yet we cannot hide from ourselves the fact that even in this artificial world, we are still covertly drawing upon God’s raw materials, which we refashion into our own products. The windows must be flung open again, we must see the wide world, the sky and the earth once more and learn to make proper use of all this.”

    That line about the “concrete bunker,” spoken in Berlin, less than a mile from the remains of a more infamous concrete bunker, was a real smack in the face. Our wonderful Papa Benny has been good at gently launching these desperately needed “smacks.”



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