Sed Contra American Life League

Strategical diversity in the Pro-Life movement is a good thing, but a lack of charity could undo the movement.

The controversial pro-life group, the American Life League, is once again stirring the pot within the pro-life movement. This time their target is the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The American Papist, as always, has an excellent summary of the issue.

While I disagree with ALL’s  all or nothing strategy in general I don’t oppose their right to exist or even their place within the pro-life movement. I do think that the all or nothing approach has a purpose as long as there are those also working the incremental angle, and those working in Pregnancy care centers, etc.

My problem with ALL is that they engage in slandering the Catholic Church, the Bishops, and other good Catholics. I don’t see the purpose in attacking John Carr or Fr. Tom Rosica or other people on our team. It seems to me that ALL is just lobbing grenades at the rest of the movement. Why attack the USCCB’s when they have been leading the pro-Stupak movement. In fact, one might argue the reason the USCCB got that amendment passed was because they were one of the few pro-life groups that had relationships with Democrats. Furthermore, I have hard time supporting an organization which thought Bishop John D’Arcy of Ft. Wayne-South Bend did not punish Notre Dame enough when they invited President Obama to speak at their commencement. Did ALL not think that Bp. D’Arcy’s condemnation of Notre Dame was enough? There are wonderful Catholic men and women at Notre Dame, Bp. D’Arcy couldn’t have taken punitive action against the whole University.

The long and short of it is that ALL should focus on their Personhood initiative and not attacking other pro-lifers. If they stick to working to end abortion they will have my toleration, however if they continue to attack people, especially other Catholics they will have my disdain.



  • jean

    Ridiculous reasoning. Just because someone says that they are a “catholic” does not mean that they cannot be corrected. It is very Christian to expose evil, darkness, or lies with the purpose of restoring health and integrity to the Church.
    If you do not like ALL, then you need to learn about good and evil. RealCatholic TV is an excellent place to begin. Our Lord Jesus Christ and Saint Paul both warned that wolves would enter the Church. From the very start, Christians have been restoring Truth to the Church, warning and correcting when errors arise.Nothing new about that.

  • Hector

    If one reads the reports in question, they will see that American Life League never accused John Carr of being anything less than pro-life. i do not understand the claims being made by the CCHD that ALL accused John Carr of being pro-abortion.
    Read ALL’s response:

    Also, why is no one commenting on the other major Reform CCHD NOW report that came out about the CCHD’s relationship with the Center for Community Change? Carr is not mentioned at all. see:

  • Mike

    Perhaps Mr. Aquila can take a moment to ask Mr. Carr why people like Paul Booth, Fr. Thomas Reese, and Dr. Diana Hayes were invited to speak at a USCCB-sponsored event this weekend.

  • Thomas

    I think ALL is a great organization. Although there maybe some disagreement with their means or strategy of fighting against abortion, I’m glad to see that there are organizations who stand firm and demand clarity from our clergy or catholic organizations. In a way, we all must instruct one another whenever we begin to stray. I don’t think that any allegations have been made without real evidence; this would be bearing false witness and thus a sin. With John Carr and the whole CCHD issue, a case has been made by a few reputable catholic organizations that something has gone wrong, and I find the demand for answers or clarity of the allegations made are in order. Granted a few respectable individuals have come to Carr’s defense, but simply saying “no that’s not true” does not answer any of the claims found. I want it shown to me that any money I give will not be misused.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for coming forward and saying this. Playing the “blame game” will never help the pro-life movement. I have always been very weary of ALL’s condemnation of Catholic bishops and priests. They do some good things- ALL does- but they have not chosen to be a positive voice and action based movement.



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