Sen. Reid’s wife and daughter in car accident

Senator Reid is the Democrat point-person on pushing through their plan for overhauling health care through the Senate. Last night his family experienced a great trauma:

 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s wife broke her back and neck and his daughter suffered a neck injury in an auto accident, a spokesman said late Thursday afternoon.

“Their injuries are non-life threatening,” Jon Summers, Reid’s spokesman, said in a statement. The Nevada Democrat’s family was traveling along a “Washington, D.C. highway” when “their vehicle was rear-ended by a semi-truck,” Summers said. (CNN)

I gravely disagree with Sen. Reid on many issues, and I think his running of the Senate is often needlessly manipulative and partisan, but today at Mass I will be praying for the recovery of his wife and daughter, and I invite you to do the same.



  • Tommy Glenbard

    @TJM, your logic is that of an elementary student. It amazes me just how blind and silly people will allow themselves to be to try to make an imaginary point. The Bill does not include Govt money for Abortions period. There IS an accounting procedure to separate funds but hardly a gimmick as TP accuses. Abortion IS legal in this country and will probably remain so given it is considered “Settled Law” by our Supreme Court. The fact that NARAL and NOW are quiet is because the bill is a non issue to them because the new bill has no relevance to the legality of Abortions. I will also say that Major Healthcare plans across the Country cover abortions and I would guess that everyone on this site that is employed has either paid into a company that covers abortions or a specific plan. This healthcare bill is about Insurance reform and has nothing to do with Govt funding of Abortions. Christians need to be happy that our country is finally doing something for the suffering Americans. I for one am Glad and very Sad that judging by the posts on this site is that the next thing we need revamped is our schools.

  • TJM

    tommy glenbard is not only a moron but naive. The best evidence that the Senate bill pays for abortions is that Naral and NOW have been very quiet. If the Senate bill did not pay for abortions these 2 organizations would be ranting and raving on television morning, noon, and night that women were being denied their right to murder, sorry “choose.”



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