Senator Reid says Democratic Party’s platform will call for marriage redefinition

Like John Barnes said, things keep evolving…

The Democratic leader in the Senate told The Hill that he believes that marriage redefinition will be in Democratic Party’s platform, to be approved at their national convention late this summer in Charlotte. “The president’s in favor of it, I’m sure it will be,” Reid said.

Which is no surprise now, but still another sad development.

You’ll note that Harry Reid didn’t say give any clues as to whether he supported the language himself. After all, he barely won reelection in Nevada in 2010. And just because Sin City is located in Nevada, doesn’t mean that marriage redefinition is a winner in the Silver State. After all, 67% of Nevadans vote in favor of a marriage protection amendment in 2002.

Though, I suppose there will come a time in the not too distant future when a Democrat cannot remain in his leadership post unless he endorses marriage redefinition.

And the evolution continues…



  • Antonio A. Badilla

    Why not, this is really what the Party of Death has believed for many years, so their “new” stand is really not new. For those who still believe the Democratic Party is the party of John and Robert Kennedy, what Reid has said should make you understand that party has been dead for decades. Now, it is the party that best represents the “culture of death,” the overthrow of what is decent and noble in this country. This country does not need China and North Korea to destroy it, the Dems are doing a pretty good job in doing so.



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